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Cleaning the Family Room -- SuperGreens Pasta for Dinner!

Marilyn and I were shopping recently and saw Ronzoni's SuperGreens spaghetti (at Freddies), and decided to give it a try. We also saw Walmart's Sam's Choice Premium Angus Meatballs and got those, too.

Dinner tonight was the GREEN thin spaghetti pasta with basil tomato sauce and meatballs (and rye toast in place of garlic bread). CAN YOU SAY DELICIOUS??? We've tried the gluten free pasta before and really did not care for it, but this pasta is really yummy!

It's as easy to make as any spaghetti, you just boil it for nine minutes and then drain. It contains spinach, zucchini, broccoli, parsley and kale! It has four grams of fiber and only two grams of sugar, plus it counts as THREE SERVINGS of vegetables! And has five vitamins and minerals. Oh, plus nine grams of protein.

I was really TIRED this evening, so I wanted a very simple dinner to prepare -- and this sure did fill the bill! (grin)

As for the rest of my day, I had a goal of really cleaning our family room downstairs. It's been some time since it's been cleaned and it really, really needed it. Marilyn and I had talked about it this past weekend, but she wasn't feeling that well (and I was tired out). I can't believe it took me all day long to finally get it done, but I'm happy with the result. That included cleaning the carpet on the stairs and the landing and stairs above those, too.

Our unit that holds our big screen TV is made of wood and MOSTLY black glass (!!!), and does it every draw dust! Just ugh. If we had that to do over, we'd pick a different unit for sure! It's nearly impossible to keep clean. I completely emptied it out and really did a good job cleaning it.

In fact, I moved a TON of furniture around so I could clean under everything, including the treadmill (which thankfully folds up). But it was a lot of work, so it's no wonder I'm worn out tonight.

I also had a LOT of phone calls today (several of them were work-related). Donn has pretty much finished up the very complicated Symantec project, thank God. Now we need to get going on the final computers that still need to be updated from Win XP to Windows 7... There's always a lot of IT to get done in November and December.

Sue and I talked several times. We're trying to get to meeting this week, if possible... It's NOT as easy as it sounds.

Tomorrow night is the Botox Party that we attend at Summer's salon (she's Marilyn's hairdresser). I'd totally forgotten I wanted to get champagne while at Costco recently (!!!), damn it, but Marilyn and I got a couple of bottles at Walmart, anyway (we got Korbel). For the last party I'd taken along a Magnum of champagne (I read that the Magnum format is said by some wine experts to be superior to a regular sized bottle for maturing wine because the ratio of air to liquid is lower in larger formats which allows the wine to age more slowly. But what do I know? I just like the big size! Hahaha.)

Sue goes to her son Larry's house to have dinner with him and his wife and the kids every Wednesday night (and they watch Survivor on TV).

I'd phoned my friend June to see if she wanted to go to the party with us, as she showed some interest in the past in trying Botox. But she declined this time, which I totally understand. Botox is expensive, and there is some discomfort (not much) involved. June had to have blood today and it was her first time ever having it drawn from the back of her hand. That's what they do when they can't find a good vein in the arm. It's happened to me many, many times -- I'm very used to it. But I told June she needs to hydrate so it doesn't happen to her again.

Marilyn and I walked over in the dark to see June and Jim's Star Shower lights that I mentioned recently. They've got them in the back yard glowing on the trees -- really lovely! I think Marilyn was surprised by how pretty they are.

Marilyn was happy with the family room and happy with dinner (she was REALLY HUNGRY when she got home tonight). I'm so glad!

I'm really glad to have enough energy back to be able to do some serious cleaning again. I've spent months (!!!) where I could barely do any cleaning at all. And it still wears me out more than it should. But I think I'm getting more energy back all the time, thank God.

I did speak briefly with our friend Adeena today, too. I didn't have much time to chat, but hopefully tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I simply MUST get my hair colored before tomorrow tonight!!! If I get nothing else done all day, that's my one priority!!!!!!!!!

Good news today! I was calling sister Sue later in the day and her ANSWERING SERVICE engaged! It was her familiar old message, back again! It's been 'gone' for ages now -- and she'd been unable to pick up messages. So she was spending a long time today going through all of them. Hahaha.

I guess there was something wrong with their various TVs, so they had the guy out -- and while he was there they also had him help with the phone...

Well, I'm so ready for a long nap!!! It's been a long and very busy day.

I look forward to trying more Ronzoni SuperGreens pastas (they have more than one variety available!). We felt remarkably HEALTHY as we were eating dinner tonight. (grin)

My insulin shot HURT this morning. No idea WHY. I don't know if I did it wrong, or what. (sigh) I already feel very confident about the process, so this was a disappointment. Oh well.

It was POURING DOWN RAIN several times today! And the temperature dropped from 60' to 49' at one point! I guess winter is starting (in spite of the calendar).

The clock in the office that hangs way up on the wall has died. Damn it! I just had to get up there to change it when we 'fell back' -- now I need to take it down and change the batteries. Seriously??? (sigh)

I should clean up the kitchen a tad before napping, I guess. At least I've already put the food away!

Almost forgot! We tried the new stress relief medicine for pets that we bought on our cats last night. (I don't have the name here right now, sorry!) I didn't get much into Colin, but I did with Henry. I think it might have worked a little. So I'll try it again tonight! The goal is to calm him down so he doesn't keep Marilyn or ME awake at night.

He threw up a HUGE furball today, poor guy! I mean, it was quite big. What a mess. And Colin threw up today as well (???), but at least it was on the floor (not carpet) and was liquid. Poor guys! I hope they aren't getting sick with something...

I hope all of you are staying healthy and are happy! Have sweet dreams tonight!!!
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