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Lots of Errands -- Not a 'Fun' Marilyn Monday

Marilyn and I ended up doing a bunch of errands today, so it wasn't our usual FUN 'Marilyn Monday.'

We started out by getting up very EARLY to go with sister Sue to see Dr. Markin at Good Sam hospital. Dr. Markin is her lung doctor who deals with Sue's Pulmonary Hypertension. (Sue is very lucky to have this amazing doctor treating her.) Sue drove, but was having one of her 'confused' days. (Not that it's easy to find the way to Good Sam at any time, frankly. Hahaha.)

I always wait in the waiting room while Marilyn goes back with Sue. They do a 'walk test' and other things prior to seeing Dr. Markin. Sue's results today were VERY GOOD (!!!), which is remarkable when you consider we thought Sue was DYING back in February of this year. She did an excellent job walking (!!!) and her BMP was really low (which is what you want).

The three of us went to Starbucks in St. Johns to get coffee after the appointment. It was so full there that we brought our coffee home to drink. I had the NEW Holiday Flat White, which they make by taking a regular Flat White and adding a mulled spice blend of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, sugar and a touch of tangerine -- which ends up tasting like 'milk toast' to me. For the record, milk toast was a breakfast treat we had frequently as kids. Mom (or Dad) would make toast and warmed milk. The milk was poured over buttered toast in a bowl, then spices and sugar were added. It was also something you got when you weren't feeling well, as you could generally manage to get it down no matter how sick you were (cinnamon is a remarkable spice, by the way -- and a little sugar won't kill you).

I even had Marilyn taste this beverage and she agreed it was the flavor of milk toast. (smile) Such a delightful childhood memory!!!

We headed home and spent HOURS chatting with Sue about her health. She left just before 2:00. Right after she left I checked my blood, which was 129 (very good). It had been 109 this morning.

We went shopping to Freddies to pick up some things we needed and were home by 2:30. I could tell I was having a low -- I did what Leslie told me to do and ate some peanut butter crackers I had in my purse to 'fix' it. I can't begin to express how horrible I feel when it happens. (sigh) We got home and I tested again and was 88 (after the crackers). I basically felt lousy after that.

Marilyn grabbed her cans to take to the BottleDrop and we ran over there. We had two HUGE bags from the office, plus a bag of our own from here at home.

Then we got home and both fixed something to eat.

I can't believe I FORGOT to mention that I stuck the OIL last night (finally)!!! It was right around 330 gallons, which is great. We won't be worrying about it again until probably next December! (woo hoo) By the way, when I say it's 'around' whatever number, the means of measuring is this long, long stick that you poke into the tank (our tank is outside in the back yard near the house). For whatever reason these sticks always have really RANDOM markings, so it isn't that easy to tell exactly what you've got. I know from our tanks at Mom and Dad's and Marilyn's and my last house (both were oil, as well) that these sticks are ALWAYS like that. Each tank appears to have a slightly different stick, however, depending on how large the tank is and how much oil it will hold...

I once looked into automatic refills of the oil. But they want you to FILL your tank for that! Our current tank holds something like 600 gallons (!!!), so there's NO WAY we'd ever fill it up! 300 gallons is a LOT of oil for us, really. (Often I let it get down to 60-70 gallons before adding 200 gallons, but it's risky! You never want to be 'in the sludge' of the oil in your tank -- and I was taught that wavers right around 60 gallons for our size tank... It's a balancing act, in other words.)

Speaking of balancing acts, I'm clearly still trying to balance my insulin. I've only been on insulin around a month -- and have only been taking this version that I inject with a syringe for four days. So I figure I need to keep tweaking until things work out. But the nice thing about insulin as opposed to oral meds is that I CAN tweak the amount! Try fewer units and so on until things seem more even. I also need to really watch my food intake. I was HUNGRY earlier today right before I had that low, so...

Off to make popcorn before bed! (grin) We think we earned it today.

Sleep well, friends.
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