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Super Quiet Sunday...

Yeah, it's actually MONDAY -- don't feel confused. I'm just backdating (as I usually do) to make up for MISSING Sunday the first time around. Hahaha.

Marilyn and I were really HAMMERED from a long, busy, emotionally exhausting week. So Sunday was one of our do-nothing days. Which is a GOOD thing!

We spent a lot of time lying around, resting, sleeping and watching TV. And playing on our iPads.

My friend June had me look outside (she's my next door neighbor) to see her new lights in the back yard. When that didn't work, I actually walked over to the alley between our houses and peered into her yard to see these. How very pretty! She and Jim got a set of those Star Shower lights, and they are so lovely. June said she can see them from their kitchen, sunroom and bedroom and that they make her feel so good. I'm excited to get Marilyn out to see them (hopefully soon).

Sister Sue took me shopping with her (she had gone out to get gas and some groceries). I needed bottled water (we run through tons of it!). And I picked up a few other things, too. She wanted to be sure she had gas before her Monday morning doctor appointment.

I was nodding off last night! Marilyn had to wake me to play our game at midnight. We made sure to get to bed at a decent hour, knowing we needed to leave the house EARLY Monday morning.

A pretty uneventful day, all in all. It was VERY WINDY Sunday night! One of those stormy autumn nights.
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