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Pioneer Bazaar and Cousin Linda

We had fog this morning and it was chilly again. But the days have been nice this week and quite warm. I've gone without a jacket most of the time.

Marilyn headed to work planning to come home around noon.

I did some things here at home. And I chatted with Adeena and caught her up on what's been going on lately.

Then I took my shower. I was just getting ready to dry my hair when Marilyn got home. So I continued getting ready, then we were off to the Pioneer Methodist bazaar. We stopped on the way so I could take out cash (nobody at this bazaar can take credit).

Cousin Linda was there and greeted us the minute we arrived. It had been months since we'd seen her, so it was nice to finally have the chance again. And Jim was there, too, working in the kitchen as he always does.

Linda had eaten, but joined us for coffee while we ate. We had their wonderful egg salad sandwiches and coffee and started visiting with people there (we've known many of them since childhood, as this was our church from the time we were born).

Oh! And when I saw they had homemade soup, I got a bowl and ate half of that, too. I love homemade soup!!!

I got up and started shopping, getting several autumn/Thanksgiving items for decorating. And I got some new potholders (which I really needed!). I kept going back to the table where Marilyn was talking to Linda and others and joining in the conversation.

There was an artist there who had items with the St. Johns bridge on them -- so I had Marilyn check it out. She liked the bags, so I bought her one. (She's always buying me things, so it was nice to get HER something for a change!)

We had to leave so she could get back to work, but we had Linda walk us out. We didn't see her for her birthday back in September, and we wanted to give her some cash as a gift. We took some pictures of each of us with her, then we drove home so Marilyn could drop me off.

Sister Sue called me in the afternoon. She had come by Pioneer to see if we were there, but too late.

I asked her about her appointment, and she said they hadn't been able to take her for the echocardiogram. But she was able to get her bloodwork done.

I told her I would call and find out WHY they hadn't been able to do it when she had an appointment. So I did, and was told she was a 'no show.' I don't know if she slept in and didn't get up in time, got confused about the time and missed it or what. The woman I spoke to was kind, saying these things happen -- and tried to set a new appointment. But as the doctor appointment is Monday morning and her doctor had wanted to have the results by then, I didn't think there was much point...

Marilyn and I discussed it, of course. We have no clue why Sue felt it necessary to lie to me about not going to the appointment -- especially when it was so easy to discover she'd blown it off. I didn't bother calling her back to discuss it, but I imagine Marilyn will do that when she takes her to see Dr. Markin on Monday morning. (It's hard for Marilyn to try and manage Sue's health if Sue isn't willing to tell her the truth about things.)

I went out and used Uncle Al's push broom (it's very big and very old) to clean the leaves off the sidewalk. When Marilyn finally saw the yard in the light today she mentioned all the leaves that were down again. Hahaha.

I also did the treadmill for ten minutes. Ten minutes isn't very long, but it's ten minutes more than I've been doing, anyway. Hahaha.

I also did a load of dishes. And something that's REALLY NEEDED doing! I used a couple of different cleaning agents to scrub our kitchen sink. I don't know WHY, but it's been terribly stained for months and months. And I've tried dozens of times to get it clean, to no avail. But I really stuck with it today, and it looks a ton better! It's an old, old sink, so there's only so much I can do. But I'm so pleased with how it looks right now! When it's stained, I just feel like it's dirty all the time, even when I clean it several times each day...

Marilyn and Jeff stopped at Darcy's on Lombard on the way home. She said she didn't even finish her beer. She hadn't wanted to go out, but didn't want to disappoint Jeff. And he didn't want to get stuck in the terrible traffic heading to Washington (where he lives). While there, she got us each a hamburger to have for dinner! They have good burgers.

Big moment today: I used a syringe (needle) to inject my insulin for the VERY FIRST TIME. Previously I had two different pens to use, both samples. I also went BACK to the original insulin from the first pen, now in vial form. (No, it's not great to be changing insulin for the third time, even if I have taken it before.) I had found a step by step chart online and used that to 'walk' myself through the process. I think it went very well. I have to admit I'm NOT sure if I'm pinching correctly (there's a wrong and right way, but I don't seem to get the difference, honestly). And how would I KNOW if I stuck myself in the muscle as opposed to the fatty area? Anyway, HOPEFULLY I'm doing it right (fingers crossed).

I was emotional again today. Insulin can cause mood swings. And I recall the first time I took this version I had mood swings and was crying for no good reason (like today). I know all this will settle down over time, so I'm not worried about it. It's just a pain right now.

Marilyn updated me about the situation with Carol's computer at work, so I spent ages on the phone with Donn today. The Symantec antivirus project has taken much, much longer than planned, and is STILL not done (!!!). Donn is going in tomorrow, so hopefully he'll finish it then. Plus it's been a lot more expensive than planned (sigh).

Donn is not at fault. This is a drastic change to Symantec this time around. And their support can't get their shit together, which is annoying.

The TWO computers that have issues are Carol's and Kate's (the seasonal employee who was Carol's assistant this year). Marilyn and I think it's CLEAR that they both used something on their computers that others in the office don't use, and this is an application conflict. Donn, however, thinks it's just a need for an uninstall and reinstall (as he was told by Symantec support). I guess we'll see tomorrow!

Marilyn had wanted to go to a bazaar tonight. But when I searched online I found this bazaar was NOT being held tonight, but during the day tomorrow. Oh well. (I did find they had it on Friday night back in 2014, though...)

I talked to June later in the day. We discussed the bazaar and these protests.

We have the funeral of Richard to attend tomorrow. He and his wife are dear friends.

I can't think what else I might be forgetting to share today. Oh, yes! I ended up getting more than 4,000 steps today. I'd love to start building up again. It's been a difficult year for me to get much exercise, but I'm optimistic that's about to change.

Yes, there were MORE protests today. And the news reported they've done a million dollars worth of destruction -- and those costs do not include all the police overtime that's been paid over this.

It's raining tonight. But it was BEAUTIFUL again today!!!

Friday nights are always fun, watching Star Trek. And we had popcorn.

Damn!!! I never DID 'stick the oil' today (or obviously yesterday). My Dad was insistent that you always needed to do it after a delivery. As if I don't trust them to give me the right amount! Hahaha. But Dad wins -- I'll do it tomorrow. We figure he's smiling down whenever I do it...

Sweet dreams, all!
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