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Costco -- Twice! (smile)

I'm worn out tonight. But I DID get more than 6,000 steps (I don't have my phone here, so I can't check the exact amount) today. I'm glad about that! (Walking around Costco with Sue, walking around Freddies later and pacing around the house while on the phone -- then walking again at Costco with Marilyn.)

Sister Sue and I went to Costco today. She picked up a few things, and I got my large list that included paper plates, laundry detergent, a huge box of bird seed and several other items. Lifting everything into the house was really exhausting. (That box of bird seed is heavy.)

Then we headed to Freddies so I could pick up kitty litter and cat box liners for tomorrow (when I do the garbage).

It was a very pretty and very WARM day (I ended up taking off my leather jacket and leaving it in the car).

After I got home I put out a bunch of seed for the crows. They were happy campers!

Hector came today to do the yard (and especially to get up all the leaves). It looked WONDERFUL when he was done. He and I talked and hugged. He was very upbeat and optimistic about things, in spite of how the election went. I'm glad, because so many people seem really upset and/or fearful.

We had TWO protest marches in downtown Portland today. One early on, the other late in the day. (Marilyn just missed being trapped behind this on her way home from work tonight.) They were chanting "Not my President" over and over. Marilyn is very supportive of their right to protest -- but we were part of the 'protest generation,' after all. (smile)

Sue and I ate lunch at Costco. Always good food! (grin)

In spite of eating breakfast AND lunch, I had another low blood sugar (!!!) today. That's TWO DAYS IN A ROW. (sigh) I guess I'm taking too much insulin. I need to adjust (again). I guess I'll figure it out sooner or later. (This morning I took 22 units...)

Can I say again that I HATE how it feels to have a low? It's really an awful feeling.

I don't know if I mentioned that I phoned Hector yesterday and told him we wouldn't be hiring him for the work on the house (fence and deck). He took it very well. And I asked him about doing the leaves, which is why he came today. Recently Marilyn and I raked the sidewalk twice, so it really did need doing.

About the OIL: They're delivering it tomorrow (Thursday). If we bought 200 gallons, we got it for $233 for 100 gallons, or $466 total. Last year the cost of 200 gallons was $410 -- so the increase this year is $56. But in 2014, 200 gallons was $616! And in 2013 it was $662. So obviously I'm HAPPY about the cost for 2016! This will take care of this winter and into next the end of next year (we always order around this time -- or a bit later). Last year I talked for around 45 minutes to the oil delivery man. I really like the company we use and the people who work there.

I got up this morning just as Marilyn was heading off to work (before 7:00 a.m.). She had a VERY LONG DAY today. And it was stressful. She was dealing with a lot of people at work who were very distressed by the results of the election. Some of them hadn't slept at all or had barely slept last night. And the meeting in the morning was with the brand new executive group...

When she got home, we turned right around and went back to Costco. I'd picked up a throw as a 'sample' to see if we wanted more. (We gave a bunch of them as gifts last year.) We thought the new throw was even nicer than the ones from last year! We also want to take several to the beach house. Anyway, we got almost a dozen of them.

We also got our dinner there -- pizza. (We ate part of it there and part here at home.)

The funny part was trying to figure out WHERE THE HELL we were going to store all of those blankets in the house!!! I finally made room in my bedroom and have them in a HUGE STACK in one corner. (It's out of the way, so the cats shouldn't be able to bother it.)

As for these throws, imagine the softest blanket you can. In pretty designs. Plus BIG/long! So you can really cover up well with it. Seriously, during the time we've both been sick, we sleep with just one of these throws over us and are totally comfy.

Tonight I finally did my pills again. It takes me close to half an hour, for the record.

When I headed down stairs for the midnight magic hour of our game SimCity BuildIt, Marilyn was sound asleep on the sofa. So I did the search for both of us (which I've done before). As soon as I'd finished up, I came up to the office to blog.

Marilyn and I have an important funeral to attend on Saturday. And there's a bazaar in the evening we'd like to attend Friday. Plus we're wondering if we could get away to go to the Pioneer bazaar during the day on Friday. Otherwise we'd have to go to that first thing in the morning on Saturday.

Our cousin Linda made a point of contacting us (via both Facebook and by sending me an email). She's anxious to see us -- and we'd like to see her, too, as it's been ages! It's just a matter of figuring out how we can schedule it.

Well, I'm VERY TIRED, so I'm heading to bed. I feel like I'm forgetting something here, but I'm too tired to figure it out, I guess.

I'm surprised by how many people say they're going to 'move to Canada' because of the outcome of the election. First off, I don't believe them. But secondly, WHY? We're not talking about Vietnam here, where people went to Canada to avoid being drafted and possibly KILLED during that war. We're talking about living in a wonderful nation and just giving up and going to another country. Really?

Marilyn and I keep listing off other 'difficult' presidents that we've seen come and go. No president is in office forever. I guess if someone really wants to move away, then they SHOULD. Enough said about that subject.

Sleep well, friends. And remember that together we can face anything. Sweet dreams!
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