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Trump's Speech Was Actually Impressive... (gulp) -- Political Warning!!!

If you're not someone who wants to read about (or even think about) American politics, please feel free to skip reading. I just can't help going there tonight...

I'm pretty shell-shocked right now. I am one of those people who is stunned that President-elect Trump could be elected to office. And Marilyn, sister Sue and I are all very disappointed not to be seeing the first-ever female in the White House. Maybe it won't happen in my lifetime, and if not, that makes me extremely sad. (At least I got to cast my vote for a WOMAN, which I do think is a big deal.)

Marilyn may have just been given an award for breaking the glass ceiling, but it appears that the larger portion of this nation believes it's acceptable to be a misogynist and still serve as President. For me, that's a terrible statement. I guess we've become a county of racists and misogynists -- it's official. Look at the voting map, which is almost entirely red. But I'm proud to live in a blue state. Hillary Clinton was not a perfect candidate, nor a perfect person -- but she's obviously not down on either gender (and clearly not a misogynist). Nor is she a racist. You'd have a hard time convincing me that the same is true of President-elect Trump.

I'm impressed, thought. President-elect Trump apparently has a good speech writer (every president needs one!), because this speech I'm listening to is quite good, I think.

And let me take a moment to PRAISE the wonderful panel of analysts who took us through this evening/night on NBC. What impressive, brilliant minds!!!

I pray for this nation to find some way to move back together -- to be able to compromise on the subjects that matter to all of us.

Well, this swing back and forth between Republican and Democratic presidents continues, and shouldn't be a real surprise to me, or anyone else. And those of us who are Americans are a hardy bunch. We'll find a way to get through this.

Regardless of my personal feelings about President-elect Trump, I will always speak about our President with as much respect as I can muster. No matter who might serve in the office, I will always try to show respect for that office, because I think it matters. (And there was a shocking LACK OF RESPECT for President Obama -- including respect from the President-elect. Hopefully he'll learn to have more respect for others. I guess we can hope, anyway.)

I will always try to be optimistic, no matter what. Until proven otherwise. We have no idea how Mr. Trump will serve at this point, so maybe he'll be smart and surround himself with the right people to help him do a good job. Maybe he WON'T treat people in unfair and negative ways. I can certainly hope and pray he doesn't...

And if you voted for him, thank you for taking time to vote and for caring about the process. A good citizen participates in elections. I totally defend your right to vote for the candidate of your choice, whomever that might be. I'm certainly wishing that he will surprise me and end up doing things I can support while in office.

And if you voted for Hillary (or someone else), I hope you -- like me -- will swallow your disappointment and move on. We can live with this. We're Americans and we always find a way.

But we didn't need to make America great AGAIN -- not in my opinion. It's never stopped being a great nation! And no one president (whomever that might be) will bring down the nation. This is about all of us, working together.

What a close race, really, in spite of that red map! Interesting.

In more mundane concerns, I ordered oil today. I'll share details tomorrow.

I gave both Sue and June their special Christmas gifts -- again, more tomorrow.

I had low blood sugar again today. Awful. I need to get it under control, no doubt.

That's it. I'm just too tired to keep going.

Sleep well and keep your chins up, friends! Many of you are NOT Americans -- but what effects us, does impact the world, of course. I hope it all works out well... Sweet dreams!
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