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A Trip to Starbucks -- Normal is SO Good!

Mostly this was a quiet day at home -- which seems right after this past week (and several nights that were long and without sleep). And, yes, it did involve a bunch of sleeping, including sleeping in.

Before I forget, my friend (and neighbor) June phoned to tell me her step-sister had passed (she'd told me previously, so I may have mentioned it before this). Loss is always hard, but it was her time and at least she's not suffering anymore. June also shared that Betty's husband passed, which everyone (including Betty) had been expecting. Again, it was his time to go... Praying for everyone involved with both deaths, of course.

Oh! And June was reminding me (again) about the bazaar dates for Pioneer Methodist church, which are November 11 and 12 (from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). She had me confused for a bit, as she'd said that was Saturday and Sunday -- however it is Friday and Saturday (as it is every year).

Marilyn and I watched some TV today and played on our iPads quite a bit, doing a number of things (including playing SimCity BuildIt, of course). We didn't read more on our book, though, but that's okay.

We had leftover chili to which we added another can -- we always call that 'chili starter,' because it makes the chili thicker (thankfully!) if you've already cooked it and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Chili used to be thicker straight out of the can, but it's like everything else: It's just NOT as good as it used to be! They've made it 'healthier' (right) by cutting down the fat content, and there's less in a can (like we can't tell that). There's decidedly MORE water in the contents. And believe me, we'd gladly PAY to have thicker and better tasting chili. But this isn't a matter of brands, from what we've found -- it's true for all of them. (sigh) Well, I shouldn't complain. Marilyn did a good job with it and it turned out very nice.

We also ate some hominy, which is high in fiber, if you're wondering. Marilyn is supposed to eat more high fiber food -- and it's good for me, too. And we both love hominy!

We didn't end up having popcorn tonight -- hopefully we will tomorrow... (smile)

So WHAT (you may ask) was the highlight of our day???

We had gone out to go to Michaels. I needed some things from there. But it turns out that in spite of what their website says, they were closed. On the way back home, Marilyn suggested we stop at Starbucks -- if they were open, that is. It turned out that they were open, so we went in and each got something to drink AND to eat. We haven't done this in MONTHS, because of Marilyn's issues, so it was AMAZING to be sitting there enjoying Starbucks, just like two normal people without health issues. (grin)

We just sat and chatted, talking a lot about health and what it had felt like this year to have so many various problems between us (and with sister Sue).

I was wearing my jacket again, ZIPPED UP, and we had to talk over how that felt. I mean, part of me is in such DENIAL about the changes in my body. I can't really believe I'm going to be able to wear my jacket zipped like this. That might sound crazy, but it's interesting to be smaller in my clothes.

And we did talk a bit about age, and how it impacts things. We're both unwilling to let ourselves be slowed down on the basis of age alone. We've never viewed ourselves as old, and we're not ready to go there now, either. But when you're having a lot of health issues and you are older than in the past, you just naturally start to think about aging, and whether it's a factor...

On the other hand, we're close to a lot of people many years older than we are who are VERY ACTIVE. And it's certainly not true that such people don't have their own health issues, because they do! Anyway, we're ready to really make more efforts to be fit and healthier in what we do.

For me, this has been a year where I've really made an effort to change my ways. And even though I've dealt with a lot of illnesses, I think those changes are GOOD.

Anyway, you have an idea of how we were chatting as we sat there, enjoying our Starbucks just like we always used to do! Hahaha.

We're heading to bed soon, anyway. Marilyn is playing Zuma beside me to keep me company while I blog. Nice.

I did get some CHORES done around here today. And I changed the clocks that we hadn't yet changed. It's so strange. We live in an age when our phones and other devices (and computers) all AUTOMATICALLY change, so it seems almost strange when we have to go around changing clocks. And our kitchen appliances that have clocks built in.

Marilyn said to be glad I wasn't in England helping do the clocks at some castle or other, where there are a ton of clocks. I can only imagine! Hahaha.

We both HATE IT when we have to 'fall back' -- it seems so DARK, so early in the day. (sigh) Oh well.

BIG HAPPY NEWS FOR TODAY: Marilyn got additional health results today (on a Sunday, no less!). The biopsies were NEGATIVE, so there's no cancer. (woo hoo) They reviewed some minor concerns, but there are no major issues from the test. (And as I reported before, she doesn't need another one for ten years.) I can't tell you how HAPPY this makes me (but I bet you can guess!).

Finally, here's wishing ALL OF YOU pleasant sleep, wonderful dreams and a healthy week! Looking forward to our 'Marilyn Monday' tomorrow (of course).
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