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Bazaars and Scones

We were up very late again last night. I don't remember when I finally went to sleep.

At one point I was watching some movie. I had been in bed, had a nightmare about Marilyn and got up to sit beside her, so I started watching a movie about Merlin (a favorite subject of mine). I didn't last long, though. I finally went to bed and really paid little heed to all of Henry's standard howling...

We both slept in, then got up around 10:30 (I think). I did my blood (I'd also done it at 8:00 -- and it was IDENTICAL both times), and then my insulin. We got dressed, and headed out to attend the St. Rita bazaar, one we've been going to for years and years. We got quite a few nice things there -- plus Marilyn had a cup of tea and I had coffee before we left.

We went and checked another church in that area that Marilyn remembered going to in the past. We did find the church, but they weren't having a bazaar today. However when we got to Lombard (the main drag in our own neighborhood) there was a church having a bazaar, so we went to that. Again, we got some very nice things.

Our goal had been to look for Thanksgiving items, but we didn't find all that many. Mostly there were Christmas items -- and we already have tons of those! Hahaha.

I got a copy of "The Unique Voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Portrait in Her Own Words" at the second bazaar, and have already started reading it. It's from 1997, by the way.

One of the things we got at the first bazaar were some AMAZING Hallmark decorations. I'm not going to say what these were, as we're giving some as gifts for Christmas. But we just love them. (They weren't inexpensive, but when we looked them up online we found out they generally run a lot more, still. Hahaha. So we were happy we found them for sale, brand new.)

Marilyn got me two FANTASTIC seasonal candle holders that are so beautiful! In fact, I ended up with FOUR different autumn candle holders that I love.

I actually need to take PHOTOS of all our Autumn/Thanksgiving things, now that Halloween has been put away. (smile) And share!

We were watching some shows about Queen Elizabeth II and London -- and getting very excited! Because I never went back and wrote much about our Auction, I haven't mentioned here that Marilyn bought a trip to London with friends (they shared one of the Live items). So we'll be going there next September, to stay in this absolutely incredible flat that's a few blocks from Buckingham Palace. I need to share more about it, but I'll skip that for tonight (it's late, and I'm tired). Neither one of us have traveled that much in our lives, and we've wanted to see London forever, so we're very, very excited.

Oh! And Carla (we're going with Carla and Gary on this trip) wanted to go on to Paris for just a day and night, so I guess we'll also get to (briefly) see Paris. I'm still a bit in denial, because it's all such a surprise and shock to me! Sister Sue has been quite a few places, but not us...

We lazed around for most of the day after we got back home again after the bazaars. It was a little bit too much for Marilyn, who is still recovering. But still fun. What a nasty day, weather-wise! Pouring down rain and chilly.

Oh!!! I wore my leather jacket out (it's old and pretty worn, but I still wear it, even so). And I could ZIP IT UP -- which I've never done the entire time I've owned it!!! In a way it's not a big deal: I tend to wear all my jackets and coats without ever zipping or buttoning them. But on the other hand, it fits me perfectly when zipped up now. I'm sure I couldn't have zipped it in the past! (Gosh, all this weight loss has been pretty exciting, I must admit. Don't get me wrong: I'm still really big. But I'm smaller than I've been since 2000...)

We did drive out briefly in the evening and go to the DollarTree. I wanted to see if I could find a sheet of colored cardboard for a project I wanted to do. We also got a set of four glasses to replace our beer glasses at home. At some point somebody must have broken one and not told us, so there are only three, which has been a pain at times... That was a short, quick trip, however.

As always, we started watching METV in the evening and kept it up until very late (in fact, it's still on now). We love all those old shows, plus Svengoolie. Growing up we NEVER MISSED "Batman" or "The Wild, Wild West" (to name two we love).

And I made a batch of scones and we each ate one. (grin) We love them and they're so easy to make.

Marilyn made chili for dinner, plus we ate leftover hot dogs. Yummy!

Well, that's a quick review of today, anyway.

I DID look up online how to inject insulin and found several helpful things. Now I need to practice!!!

Plus, I looked up thyroid medicine and diarrhea -- and discovered all the side effects of too much thyroid medication, which aside from diarrhea includes:
Elevated pulse and blood pressure
Anxiety, nervous energy, tremors, feeling jittery, shaking hands
Feeling irritable, overemotional, aggressive, easily startled, or erratic
Difficulty concentrating, mind is always racing, can't shut off thoughts
Difficulty sleeping, insomnia
Fatigue, exhaustion
Perspiring, feeling overheated (especially when others are cold)
Heart palpitations, feeling like heart is skipping a beat, or racing
Weight loss with no change to diet/exercise OR weight gain
Increase in food intake, with no weight gain
Craving and/or eating more carbohydrates
Unusual hunger pangs
Excessive thirst
Loss of appetite
Hair loss
Achy or weak muscles and joints

When I shared this with Marilyn, she was struck by dizziness, as she's been quite dizzy in recent weeks. But several of those items would be on her list, I'm sure!

I have to tell you that I have some serious concerns about levothyroxine -- which is the most common prescription people get for thyroid treatment. I had a bad reaction to this medication and finally quit it cold turkey. Now it looks like Marilyn is being poisoned by it, too. THIS ARTICLE is an example of some of the problems (in case any of you are on the medication and are curious). The nurse (Megan) did not want Marilyn to quit her thyroid medicine, but I feel she should, frankly. Yes, her primary care physician can adjust her -- but until then, why would she continue when this is undoubtedly what has been causing her issues???

When it comes to all of the various medications prescribed for us, we need to be active in helping to decide what works best for us -- and when not to take something. (Like the cholesterol meds Leslie gave me that were highly constipating, when I already deal from constant and severe constipation! A few days of that nearly gave me a blockage of the bowel!) No doctor knows our bodies as well as we do, so we have to get involved and be firm about it. Frankly, I doubt I'll ever take levothyroxine again, personally...

Well, off to bed (finally!). It's now 2:30 a.m.

I just cleaned up the kitchen and did a big load of dishes. I should do some laundry tomorrow.

OH, OH, OH!!! And I stuck the oil late last night (in the dark, mind you -- because Marilyn had reminded me it was going to pour down rain all day today). We're just over 100 gallons, so I need to order oil on Monday. (I hope I don't forget!)

Sleep well!
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