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My Icon Says It All: Courage

Yes, my icon says it all for today: COURAGE.

Marilyn has really displayed it again today. First, going to work and facing some intense meetings. Then coming home in time to start her colonoscopy preparation by 5:00 p.m.

Let's face it: The preparation for a colonoscopy sucks. It's just a miserable process, any way you look at it...

I never DID write up the suggestions I had after doing my own colonoscopy back in 2013 (unfortunately!). We DID go back and read over what I had shared, though, as Marilyn prepared for her own test. But I don't know if that was helpful or not.

I was dealing with a TON of medical phone calls today. Latoya (Leslie's assistant) did phone me and made it clear they did not have the time to help every patient with insurance concerns. Well and good, but it was certainly a good thing I had SOMEBODY at the clinic set me up with Byram Healthcare back when I first became diabetic -- because they're the company that provides my testing supplies, and have all these years. That's the only way my insurance will cover said supplies. And that's where I need to get my syringes and needles for my latest version of insulin!!!

As I said several times -- jokingly -- today, it's a little hard to take my insulin when I have the vial, but nothing to inject it with. Hahaha. Yes, I did keep my good humor, anyway. I had something like seven phone calls about this subject, all told.

When I reached Care Oregon (my insurance provider), I said to the woman that I understood my doctor couldn't be expected to assist with insurance issues. To which SHE replied, "Why not? She's the doctor, isn't she? You can't be expected to do this on your own." Maybe not, but obviously I was expected to by my clinic! When I got information on how to proceed from her and phoned to tell Latoya, the woman at the front desk wouldn't even let me speak to her. "I see you've already spoken to Latoya this morning," she said. I told her that yes, I had, but that I'd since spoken to three other people, and had additional information to give her, and then the woman took a message to pass on...


I was to tell her I needed an expedited prescription sent to Byram for the syringes and needles, so they could rush an order to me. I would THEN have to check with Byram to make sure they got the order. Of course I never heard back from anyone at the clinic after that...

Here's the problem: I'm on PEN two of insulin (two different types -- sort of a pain, as just when I was getting used to one, it changed). I'm about to RUN OUT of the pen insulin. When I do, I'll simply have to STOP TAKING MY INSULIN unless I have some way to inject the insulin prescribed to me in the vial that's now in my fridge. Stopping wouldn't be good, obviously.

Also, as an aside, obviously I've never been taught how to inject with a needle -- just the pen (and that wasn't the best instruction ever, believe me). It's been DECADES since I gave insulin to our cat. And years since I saw my mother do her own insulin. (I guess I can google it, thank God.) When my parents were learning to inject themselves, they were carefully instructed on how it was done. I guess times have changed.

I'm out with sister Sue for errands. We took stuff to the Goodwill (thankfully!) and then went shopping at Freddies and got Starbucks. I get home and am sitting resting when my cell phone rings. It's in my purse, and by the time I get to it I've missed the call. It was Byram calling!!! Marilyn phones me on her way home from work, but needs to take a call from Jeff (lots going on at work today!!!). Then the house phone rings, and it's Byram. They needed additional info. The order from my clinic hadn't told them the type of insulin, or how many times a day I needed to inject it! Now she can process the order and try to rush it through. She was hoping it could go tomorrow, and maybe reach me by Friday (fingers crossed).

It was a CRAZY BUSY day for festival work for everybody -- including me. I don't know if I've really been relating how much IT work I've had lately, but it's been a lot. Today it was about the website, however. Of course, I also spent time on the phone with Donn dealing with IT, but the work regarding our current Press Release was the focus. It's all a pretty big deal.

Marilyn and Jeff met with KPTV 12 (our official television station for the festival) about this today. They did a report on the night time news regarding this, and we agreed now to send the release until tomorrow morning. I had ALREADY put it at the website (!!!), so I had to take it down. (sigh) Anyway, I've got it set to automatically post in the morning. Rich is doing the same thing with the release, using the timing in Outlook (that I didn't even know was available!).

Things were crazy and complicated and tiring all day long, anyway. It seemed like life was hectic and annoying. Hahaha. But oh well.

I'm ashamed to admit that after Marilyn got home and started her prep, I fell FAST ASLEEP in my chair. I wasn't much help for her when she really needed it! I did pick her up some Gatorade today at the store, thankfully, because you really NEED IT when doing the prep. And I knew the white flavor had worked best for me, so I got her some of that -- and it ended up being good for her, too.

For those who may not know, you usually are given a HUGE JUG of stuff you have to drink the day before your test. It's a strong laxative designed to clear you out. Marilyn got a different version called PREPOPIK, which seems much better. You drink five ounces of the laxative, then five more eight ounce glasses of any clear liquid in the next five hours. THEN you do it again in the morning (it's called a split-dose process), only you just take three more eight ounce glasses of liquid, stopping two hours before the actual test.

It's hard to deal with the self-imposed diarrhea and hard to live with the liquid diet and no actual food! Even Marilyn gets to normally eat ONE meal a day. And I'm sure considering how long she's been living with ONLY one meal a day, she probably misses it even more than most of us would!

She's been amazing (as always). A total trooper. Right now she sleeping as I type this (it's just past 2:00 a.m.). She needs to be up early to do the second half of the prep. And her appointment is for 11:30 -- hard to say when they'll actually do the test, there's a lot of waiting around.

She'll be glad to get to EAT real food again! I remember I was starving after my test ended. Hahaha.

We'll both just be glad to get this over -- and to get the results, whatever they are. Even if it's cancer, we'll deal with it, of course. But it will be better to know, one way or the other.

I probably don't need to say it, but your prayers and good thoughts are GREATLY appreciated right now! Thank you so much.

I just had low blood sugar, so I ate a really healthy donut. Hahaha. Oh well. I was anxious NOT to eat around Marilyn today, so I had a meal before she got home. (I did eat some crackers and later a Baby Belle cheese in front of her, but that was it... Still, I can imagine what torture that was!) I'm actually glad to see the low, considering I've been running high while adjusting to the insulin and what dose I need...

I'm forgetting to share things, but I'm DONE for today. I think I'll head back down to check on Marilyn and snooze...

Damn. I still need to do my pills (I've only partly set them up). That takes AGES. (sigh) Oh well.

KPTV 12 did a good job with the news item on the news tonight. I'm curious to see if other media will pick up the story or not tomorrow. Anyway...

And tomorrow is garbage day (I need to remember!).

Good night, and sweet dreams!
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