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An Update On Last Night (Halloween)

I was UTTERLY SHOCKED to discover that my blog entry for last night didn't post! But further investigation proved that it DID post -- but dated October 1, NOT October 31. Hahaha. That's what happens when you're constantly posting a day late (into the early morning hours of the following day). Seeing as we had a MONTH change, I messed it up somehow. Oh well! At least it's THERE. (And I've changed the date now...)

What I failed to mention last night was that I had a GREAT blood testing number for my diabetes yesterday: 94!!! My morning numbers haven't been very good, but Leslie had told me not to worry about them. She said the morning number would take time to adjust. Anyway, it's been ages since I had this sort of number, so I'm happy about it. (That's at 20 units of insulin, by the way.)

Fitbit Update: I also forgot to mention that I got 5,002 steps yesterday! (woo hoo) I'm still not up to my usual physical strength, but I'm IMPROVING, that's for sure!

We also had to RAKE THE LEAVES (both Marilyn and me) when we got back from the office yesterday -- to make sure the sidewalk and walkway to the house were SAFE for people who would come by during Trick or Treating!!! That was a lot for me, I'm telling you.

And I was up and down the stairs and in and out of the kitchen and waiting on guests. And back and forth to the door for the Trick or Treaters, of course!!!

We got 46 Trick or Treaters for 2016!!! That might not sound like a lot, but we were actually very pleased! You just don't get that many kids on our street, I'm afraid. It's partly the fault of other houses near us, where people turn off their lights and don't hand out anything to the children. We only have a few houses near us that also participate. So kids (and adults) take a look, see only a few lights, and don't bother to come. I can't blame them! I remember when we were kids we'd look up a street and if we didn't see a bunch of lit houses, we'd move on, too...

It was GREAT FUN at our house having Sue, June and Jim over for the evening. We very much enjoyed the company and had some lively conversation, as always. Plus lots of good food to eat! And we all enjoyed watching "Jeopardy" together (it's been ages since Marilyn and I watched it, for whatever reason).

Nicole dropped by, but it was after June and Jim had gone home (so they didn't get to see her). She did 'trick or treat' us (smile), and was dressed in a costume. She was getting ready to pick up her boyfriend and head to a Halloween party. She also had a hot dog while she was there, and we four discussed politics. She really impressed Marilyn and me with how much she knew about things and how much research she'd done. Good for her!

Marilyn did remind her that it's important to know about LOCAL politics, however. I'm sure it's exciting to be voting for President, but as Marilyn told her, our Mayor and City Council will have a lot more impact on her life, living here in Portland...

Well, I'll share about TODAY (Tuesday) later. I have to dash and wash my hair right now!
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