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Happy Sunday.

I slept in VERY late again today. But Marilyn finally managed to drag me out of bed so we could go and get our manicures and pedicures (finally).

When we first got there they weren't going to take us. Then they wanted to do our pedicures, but NOT our manicures -- and we made it clear the manicures were far more important to us. Then suddenly they decided to do both without waiting. I'm still not sure WHY. (They were supposedly expecting a large group, but that never seemed to happen, so who knows?)

Both Marilyn and I found it very painful today. And the woman working on Marilyn spoke almost no English and was very hard to understand. And she kept making mistakes! At one point she totally FORGOT to use paraffin on Marilyn's feet. Then she told Marilyn she was going to have to PAY for the paraffin, even though she wasn't doing it! WTF????? Marilyn made it pretty damn clear at that point that she was NOT going to pay for something she didn't get. So even though the woman had started to paint her toenails, she did the paraffin at that point -- it totally made no sense.

As Marilyn said afterward, if today had been the first time we'd gone there, we'd never go back again.

Fortunately that's not the case. What happens is they have a turnover of employees. The experienced women leave (I'm not sure why), and new women start working there. They'll be straight from Vietnam, so they need to learn the language and to learn the work from scratch. Eventually they'll have it all down. But it's a mess while they're learning. It's a good thing we're understanding about it, because while they're transitioning, we have to suffer through actual PAIN. These two women beat the crap out of our cuticles, and were rough on the nails. They didn't produce as perfect a result as we usually get. But we were okay with it.

Don't get me wrong. Usually we get very good service. There's no perfect place to go (we've been having this work done for decades, and this is the best place we've found). It's costly, so we budget carefully for it and do not go too often. But we both feel it's important to have it done, in spite of the pain, discomfort and expense... But, NO, it's NOT 'relaxing.' There's nothing at all relaxing about it. It's necessary, like going to the dentist. Anyway, that's why we have such a hard time convincing ourselves to go and get it done. Hahaha.

Tonight is nice! Marilyn is playing Zuma beside me while I blog. We haven't done this in a long time. We're also watching "Gaslight" -- a classic movie that we both love!

After getting our nails done we came straight home. Marilyn was very hungry, of course. Anyway, we ate leftover chili -- it was DELICIOUS. I avoided it yesterday, but just couldn't today. It smelled and looked just as wonderful as it tasted! (I'm sensitive to beans, so I have to watch how often I eat them...)

We watched some TV and played our game (SimCity BuildIt), then we both had naps. We knew we needed to go shopping this evening, so we wanted to rest first.

Marilyn woke me up in time to head to Freddies to shop. We were surprised by the items that they didn't have available that were on our list! They were out of our brand of hot dogs, totally out of any brand of candy corn, didn't have Chelada (Bud Light beer and Clamoto)... Anyway, we still needed several things after we'd finished up at Freddies.

After Freddies we headed over to Safeway to pick up the things we'd been unable to purchase. We did GREAT there, getting everything we'd been missing.

Halloween has been a traditional holiday in our family since long before either Marilyn or I were born (sister Sue, too). Our Grandma May really loved Halloween, and it was always our Dad's favorite holiday. So we always made a big deal of the day -- long, long before it became fashionable to do so. Now the whole country is wild for Halloween, but that certainly wasn't true when we were younger...

As you've already seen in my blog, we always decorate for Halloween. But we also have food traditions, as well. We always eat hot dogs. Mom used to make coney sauce, and Marilyn makes chili that tastes very like it. We also get potato chips and candy corn. We usually have a big bag of Tootsie Roll candies (the variety stuff). We've been getting Baby Ruth and Butterfinger bars forever -- but they didn't have ANY Butterfingers at Freddies (and I forgot to look at Safeway).

Marilyn wasn't feeling well by the time we got to Safeway, poor thing. But she managed to both shop there and help me unpack at home...

We settled in down in the family room and started watching "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" again. Marilyn taped it when it was on TCM today. Yes, we watched it on Svengoolie last night, but that was with commercials (and so on), so it was nice to just watch the entire movie all the way through.

And we had our magic midnight hour for our game (it happens every night between 12:00 and 1:00). If you've never played the game, you wouldn't understand WHY it's so important to play at that time. But you get a TON of items given to you that you really need! Last night I played for both of us, going back and forth between the iPads, because it's so wasteful NOT to do it. (I don't think we've missed a single night since we started playing this game.)

Tomorrow is Marilyn's appointment with the specialist first thing in the morning. Then we'll come home and get ready for the Halloween party at the office. We're going to wear our Rosie the Riveter outfits.

I'm going to bake scones to take (if there's time). And maybe make a dip, too. I also have hard-boiled eggs, so I could make deviled eggs -- but they really wouldn't go with what we're having for lunch. So I might wait on that...

It's been raining today. But we were lucky -- it wasn't raining while we were shopping! Nor was it raining when we went out for our manicures. But we still got wet, as we have to wear open-toe shoes for getting our pedicures.

I forgot to mention that we went to Target after our manicures/pedicures, to get a NEW Fitbit for Marilyn. Her Fitbit died recently and needed replacing. Then we went to Ross so I could get my perfume (I was out). Marilyn got a jacket she's been needing (to replace the one she's worn for years). And I found another pair of pants and decided to get them. I'm still shocked when I try on 18 and it's too big. The new pants are 16. I can't get over being this smaller size, I guess...

And I removed Marilyn's old Fitbit from her account, then added the new one. So she's all set again! It was much easier than I'd expected. But I have to admit I'd been hoping it would be smooth sailing to do it.

Speaking of, I got more than 4,000 steps today! I'm pleased about that.

And that was our Sunday. I think I've remembered everything. Hahaha.

I had WONDERFUL dreams this morning, and when I had my nap, too. Always a good thing.

And may I wish all my friends WONDERFUL dreams, as well! And I hope those of you who celebrate will have a delightful Halloween! (I hope we get a bunch of Trick or Treaters!!!)
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