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Good and Bad Day (More GOOD Than Bad, Thankfully!)

Quick overview of my Friday, as it's late and I'm VERY, VERY TIRED.

First, I was quite sick all last night (Thursday night). I had terrible stomach pain and was up and down all night long, so I didn't get much sleep at all.

So even though sister Sue and I were supposed to go to Costco, I opted out (smile). I was still having issues this morning for some time.

Later Adeena texted then phoned me. She wanted to come by. I was feeling better by then, so Adeena and I got June to join us, and we three went to lunch. (Yes, I DID ask sister Sue, but she had already eaten by then...)

We three went to The Fishwife and had a lovely lunch. After that we headed to the DollarTree to shop. And June took us to the store across from Walgreen's -- Artist & Craftsman Supply. What an amazing store! (It reminds me of the store I used to go to all the time located in downtown.)

Then we headed back home, as Adeena was going to dinner with friends and needed to take off. We'd spent the entire afternoon together by then!

I got some new things for Halloween (and Thanksgiving) at the DollarTree. I need to take more photos and share. Hahaha.

Marilyn had tried to phone me, so I called her. She was on her way to meet Jeff at Hooter's for drinks.

And she gave me personnel news about the festival. I don't think I ever mentioned that Marissa resigned -- today was her last day. I'm going to wait to talk about the other news, as I'm unsure if anyone besides Marilyn knows at this point...

Marilyn spent a busy week, and a lot of it was tied up with personnel matters.

We had fish for dinner (I got takeout while at lunch). Yummy!

We watched Classic "Star Trek" (as we always do on Friday nights now). "Frasier" is unfortunately 'on vacation' until January (we're both going to HATE that, as we love watching it every night).

We watched a few old horror films, including "The Uninvited" -- which is a favorite movie for both Marilyn and me!

I had to do the midnight magic hour of our game (SimCity BuildIt) by myself, as Marilyn was fast asleep by then! (She had a couple of beers with Jeff and got home quite late -- and she's had a long and busy week! Little wonder she didn't wake up tonight.) That was interesting, playing the game on both iPads. Hahaha!

Shari called and we talked before Marilyn and I headed downstairs after dinner. I was dead beat, falling asleep in my chair!!! Shari and I had a nice chat. She doesn't need to see her doctor for a month, so clearly he feels she's doing okay again (in spite of her cough).

I saw the very end of "Braveheart" on cable today -- when I saw it in the listings I thought it was perfect for me to watch, considering I'm reading that book on my Kindle about the Bruce and one of his men (Jamie). "Braveheart" is a movie Marilyn and I also love -- and I was sobbing watching the end of the film (very moving stuff).

It was a BEAUTIFUL autumn day, today, so it was lovely to get out! The house got quite warm (which it does in the living room whenever the sun is out, as it strikes the huge windows and warms things up). But by tonight it was RAINING again. (sigh) We had some kind of RECORD rainfall this October, apparently.

Still hoping there won't be rain Monday for Halloween. I guess we'll see!

I did NOT get my stuff to the Goodwill today. Nor did I pick up my prescriptions. And Marilyn and I very much need our manicures and pedicures (not looking forward to that). So this stuff probably needs to happen tomorrow. Anyway, I'm so worn out, so I need to get to bed (it's past 2:00 a.m. now).

I did do some IT with Donn again today, but whatever. This will be true for some time until the current project is done. Then we have other IT tasks to tackle. That's always true this time of year.

Well, I need to brush my teeth, take my night time meds and head to bed... Sleep well, everyone!
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