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What A Tool...

I'm sitting here reminding myself how lucky we are to have these wonderful -- if often maddening --computers in our home...

I can't recall how we managed before we could do so much work and play with our computers! Admittedly, we've had at least one or more around for ages now -- and I've had a boatload of trouble with my current one. Sigh. Still, what we're able to accomplish now is amazing!

Okay, I've finally scheduled more dental work. Fortunately I'm going in next time 'round for prep on a crown -- and not to get the root canal we'd been discussing!

I'm also set to see my doctor. Time for my annual pelvic and pap -- and overall physical. I want to discuss my hormones with him, in light of recent news-worthy revelations. Sigh.

I'm also set for my annual mammogram. (Yes, guys -- it really is like catching your tits in a vise. Ouch.) Compress away -- the harder the better, I say. (The one time the damned woman didn't, I ended up with 'positive' results -- and discussions of an invasive form of testing! So...)

What else? I'm helping MM with the auction coming up in the Fall -- new project this year. The internet and my graphics software are both proving invaluable! LOL.

I saw LJ has a community for 'volunteers.' I'm thinking of joining, seeing as volunteering is a major part of my life! Volunteerism is highly under-rated in some circles, as I can attest to after serving on jury duty and hearing it slammed repeatedly!!!

Welcome here Gray! And so glad to add Gloria to my friends -- and have you join up our family list and at Book-of-Hours! Hope I'm not forgetting to mention anyone else...

Well, Marilyn had a long and grueling day today. Sigh. She didn't get home 'til 9 p.m. (And really didn't have a break all day!) She was starving, as she'd had no dinner...

Sometimes I don't know how she does it! She's had a million and one deadlines this week. (And she's still worn out from the actual festival.) July is a busy month for her. (RF directors often seem to think the staff is 'resting' during July. Right.) There are budgets to manage and facility reports and the annual event awards to prepare...

Well, there was a cigarette wrapper and candy wrapper in the backyard this morning when I went out to water the plants and grass. As we've got a six-foot cedar fence back there. (!!!) It's a bit disturbing. Maybe someone just tossed those over, but maybe someone was inside. (While we were both at work yesterday -- or sleeping last night!)

Makes me a little nervous -- though not much.

Okay, off to fix a nice pot of coffee!

Hope all is well with all our friends. (Pleasant dreams to all!)

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