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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn Continues to Amaze... 
marilyn-amazing, amazing
Marilyn was sick again -- and we were up most of last night. She actually prefers NOT to discuss it. She said she's tired of the subject (and I can't blame her, of course -- and I'm the one who can't seem to drop it!). Anyway, your good thoughts (and prayers) are still appreciated, even so...

We made good use of the time by me reading out loud for the two of us. We're reading "The Boston Strangler" by Gerold Frank -- and it's beautifully written!

But after sleeping in, she was off to work -- and stayed quite late tonight.

As for me, I got some cleaning/organizing done in the garage today. I want to get some stuff to the Goodwill as soon as I can, and needed to figure out exactly what all that is...

Talked for more than an hour with Donn about IT at the festival. We discussed closing the books for this year, things to start after November 1 and work to get done right away. He'll be working tomorrow and the next day (and possibly a third day) on the current task with Symantec (our anti-virus). And I gave him several other tasks to get to.

Got more done, but I'm in a hurry, so whatever. Hahaha.

Talked to poor Rich about their cat. He and Merlin had to have Puma put down. He was healthy one day and then a blood clot moved and put him in terrible pain -- and his hind quarters no longer worked! Awful. Marilyn and I feel so bad for them. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Actually, Donn and his wife Denise are having a terrible time with their home (and his beloved workshop). They may lose both. Any prayers and good thoughts there are GREATLY appreciated, believe me.

Off to bed, as it's quite late!
October 27, 2016 (Thursday) 12:41 am (UTC)
Good rest and good health!
October 27, 2016 (Thursday) 06:08 am (UTC)
did you guys watch walking dead? ive been waiting to read what you thought about it :)