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More Halloween Decorations -- Another Photo Share!

Okay! So I decided to share MORE photos of Halloween decorations. I hope I'm not boring anyone with these. Hahaha.

We've added some, and I missed some items the first time around.

[click any photo to see the larger version]

We bought a new Halloween sign for the mantle. It's very sparkly (that doesn't show all that well in the photo).

This is the 'newer' version of the cardboard skeleton -- we got him when Marilyn and I were teens! If you hold him next to the 'old' fellow, he looks much fresher, though he's no spring chicken, either! Hahaha. He has magnets on the back, so he can attach to the peace symbol, which is metal (and in our living room year round).

Marilyn and I both love Indian corn, so we got some new ears at the Pumpkin Patch we went to. Our other ears at down at the beach house... These are in front of our TV in the living room.

Another shot of the Indian corn.

We got this Hallmark guy at Walmart. He's a rapping mummy -- really cute!

Baby pumpkins (gourds) from the Pumpkin Patch.

We arranged them around the bottom of the vase of flowers...

We have another peace symbol in the living room. Those pumpkins are from childhood, believe it or not! (Again attached with magnets.) Mom was a great one for keeping everything we made as kids...

The first really decent photo I've ever managed to take of this guy! He belonged to Mom, who gave him to us. He's made of metal and has a face on both sides (he's hollow). Designed to hang, he's over a doorway in the family room.

Our friend Debbie gave us this hanging bat back in the 1980's.

Debbie also gave us this hanging Dracula at the same time.

These two haunted houses were done while I was still in high school. Marilyn did the top one, and I did the bottom one. (We'd been doing them in my art class at school.)

Marilyn's haunted house.

My haunted house. These came out quite different, partly due to the paper used. You colored a house on paper, then did a watercolor wash over it...

Very OLD decos. Mom had the scarecrow head (cardboard) for years (somebody added the sticker when we were kids). The 'boo' card is from our teenage years (we always used it as a deco). The paper plate was from our grade school days...

This teddy bear came from our friend Martha (I may have shared it before...???). It's in the family room. She gave it to us in the 1990's.

The new mummy with the teddy gang!

Another shot of the new sign.

My pumpkins.

Marilyn's pumpkins. We haven't decided what we're doing with them, yet...

Cute Halloween bag (hanging on the side of our rolling bar).

A ghost decoration that sister Sue gave us years and years ago (I can't recall exactly when). He always hangs on the door of the coat closet. (There's a witch hanging on the bathroom door, also from Sue.)

Marilyn and I spent a VERY QUIET 'Marilyn Monday' here at home. We didn't go out at all, and decided our errands could wait until later this week (including our manicures and pedicures). We watched TV and played on our iPads. We were both having 'hungry days,' so we ate more than we've been eating for days and days. Which included hot cocoa early in the day, coffee with pumpkin bread and bacon and tomato sandwiches later on. With a lovely snack of cheese on crackers to end the day.

We saw a couple of good old Hammer horror films -- fun!!!

And obviously I added some decorations around the house. (grin)

Plus I did do a couple of loads of dishes today...

And that was our Monday.

Pleasant dreams, everybody!
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