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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Walmart (finally). 
Very little to report today...

Sister Sue had a good time at her cribbage tournament. (She actually got back yesterday/Saturday.)

Marilyn and I spent most of the day at home, relaxing. I was up all night, so I slept a lot during the day.

We went out to a Pumpkin Patch (NOT on Sauvie Island!) and got a few pumpkins. Cute place. (I'll share more tomorrow, maybe...) Nice venue. Cheap, too.

But we forced ourselves to go shopping at Walmart in the evening. I needed all kinds of supplements, and they're much more reasonable if we get them there...

And that's it for this Sunday!

Sleep well, friends!
October 24, 2016 (Monday) 11:45 pm (UTC)
Yay for resting up!