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Lazy Saturday -- Mostly at Home...

Marilyn was already DRESSED when I got up today (!!!) and ready to go for a ride. So after doing my new morning routine, I got dressed and ready, too.

As for my new routine, it includes a lot of hand washing -- hahaha. I have to wash my hands very carefully for testing my blood, for example. And before doing my insulin. I'm now combining those so that I don't have to wash twice for this. I test my blood, record the number (and comments), then I get out my insulin pen and do that whole routine (swabbing my stomach, attaching the needle, setting the amount and so on).

Then I wash my hands AGAIN before putting in my contact lenses. Then deodorant, perfume, and clothes. Hair and makeup. Finally jewelry and watch.

I also feed the cats (duh) and check their water (and add to it).

Then I take my iron with orange juice on an empty stomach (meaning I can't eat or drink anything else for 30 minutes after that). Next I SHOULD eat immediately and NOT wait -- you're supposed to eat directly after your insulin. I'm still working on THAT! And the rest of my many (many) pills are taken after food...

So we headed out, our plans originally including getting sausage biscuits at McDonald's (with coffee). Then we thought we'd like hot dogs from 7-Eleven (it was more lunch time than breakfast or brunch). And we'd been considering going to Sauvie Island.

The TRAFFIC that direction was CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY! It's impossible to describe how bad it was!!! Anyway, first chance she got, Marilyn turned around and we got out of there!

We'd also thought about Starbucks at one point in time. But we ended up getting sandwiches (not breakfast) from McDonalds, and heading back home.

The drive was nice in that the weather was clear and the sky was blue and pretty. And the changing leaves were so nice! Plus it wasn't raining. But toward the end it started to cloud up, so we were perfectly happy to come back to the house.

We had SEVERAL downpours during the day. It's been raining like mad for days! It's fine when we're inside, all cozy. We were downstairs for ages, watching TV and playing on our iPads and sleeping. We came upstairs in the evening and had dinner and watched all the FUN shows on METV on Saturday night.

And that was our day, pretty much.

Marilyn is having a GOOD day today. She said on days like this, it's 'normal' and seems like she'll be just fine. Right up until it all happens again... (Poor thing.)

They tried to push up the date of her appointment with the specialist, but that didn't happen, unfortunately.

Well, off to bed now, I think... Sleep well AND STAY HEALTHY, my friends!
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