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Photo Share! Halloween Decorations at the Portland House

First off, many of our Halloween decorations are at the beach house in Seaside. We like to spend Halloween there. But because we have so many decos, some are here in Portland, too. In case we feel like decorating for before heading to Seaside -- or for years like this one, when we can't make it to the beach house...

These are fancy by any means. Many are made of plastic and were very cheap when they were purchased. Part of the appeal for us is in how long we've had some of them. Plus the colors of autumn really do cheer up a room! We're both enjoying the decorations a great deal this year.

Anyway, here we go! I left these in the order that they uploaded -- which is NOT the order they were taken. But I didn't have the energy to rearrange them. One of the negative things about the LiveJournal 'Scrapbook' feature is that it never loads photos in order (I have no clue why).

[Click on any photo to see the larger version.)

This wreath is actually new as of last year. It hangs on the outside of the front door.

We got this many years ago at a bazaar. I love the way it's made with string! It hangs on the inside of the front door.

We saw this at a bazaar (1990s), but the woman had sold the last one just before we got there. So we 'commissioned' her to make us one and she mailed it to us -- and we've been using it ever since.

Bottom of our fridge -- the towel is a new gift we got this year. The others are cardboard and from our teenage years (we added magnets to hang them).

Our Halloween magnets on the fridge. Some go back decades, and others are more recent. Many were gifts and some we bought (or made) ourselves.

Living room mantle (over the fireplace). The pumpkin was my lantern as a child. Our friend Sue made the witch for us several years back. (The painting in the background is there year round.)

The other side of the mantle. This pumpkin is the one Uncle Al sent to me in the hospital when I was five and had an emergency appendectomy. Uncle Al didn't go out much, but wanted me to know he was thinking about me. It was filled with suckers where I've put leaves. The witch beside it is made from a clay plant pot painted black. It was Mom's before she died.

New window decoration I got this year. I thought it was cute and colorful.

Not a great photo (sorry!). The picture behind is NEW from the Auction this year and we're both crazy about it. Those are clothes lines with clothes pins. Great colors! In front of it is a glass AWARD dish that we have out all year round (given to Marilyn Centennial year). On top is a Halloween 'dish' done with that glue and tissue effect (I love the colors). The pumpkin was a gift from Mom -- she bought it at a bazaar. We keep it out during Autumn (for both Halloween and Thanksgiving).

We have a collection of Halloween bears -- this is most of them. The witch was a gift from Mom. The two bears in back are part of the Starbucks Barista Bear collection (we have several). The baby bear is not a Starbucks bear.

Here you can see all the bears we have on display upstairs. I can't remember the order we got these in, but they are all dressed for Halloween. (We also have a ton of the Christmas bears.) That stool is in the living room year round -- and these are in front of the TV.

A 'new' bouquet for this year. I got those silk flowers at the Dollartree, if you can believe that! But the vase was Mom's, and is quite beautiful. I originally brought it in to display part of the flowers presented to Marilyn at the Auction. She got such a HUGE bouquet that I made up three different vases full! The huge rock is out year round and belonged to our dear departed friend Mitch. The dishes are also out all year round. Those skulls are plastic, but still pretty cool!

Yes, I took a TON of photos of this vase with flowers! I'm really in love with it this year. Great colors, I think!

I took this with the lights off, trying to be artistic, I guess. (smile)

Hanging over the stove in the kitchen, this hot pad was made for us by our friend Shari. (We never use it, except as a decoration.)

New kitchen towel for the season hanging on the front of the stove.

Another new kitchen towel. Marilyn and I bought these at a bazaar last year.

The mantle in the family room, downstairs. Those two pumpkin scarecrows on the end were designed to hold suckers. We got these as little kids. The pumpkins in front of them pop open and make noise (also from childhood). The glass candleholder was a gift from our friend Shari. Marilyn gave me the teddy bear in the 1990's. Those ghosts glow in the dark. Can you see the Pez?

You can barely make out the cricket pumpkin here -- I hung it on the candle holders we have out year round. We each have one and they are also from childhood. The cat/pumpkin was given to Mom with flowers and she kept it until she died.

The seasonal garland is new from last year (I got it at the Pioneer bazaar). The cross is out all year round. The HUGE framed tapestry behind it (you can't see very well) came from Grandpa Harry. He brought it home from France after World War I. It hung in our house for years when we were children, then Mom stored it away. Marilyn had it carefully stretched and framed after Mom died. It's up all year long.

The ghost behind the fence lights up and makes spooky music when you press a button. This was Mom's, but she gave it to us. The two plastic pumpkins we've had since we were teens. Same for the tiny troll in the center. One of the cricket toys is barely visible.

Several ceramic decos. Plus a tiny plastic spider!

That 'vase' is actually a vintage canning jar (we both love it!). It's holding some of Marilyn's flowers (sorry they don't show!). The skeleton head lantern was first Sue's as a child, then inherited by Marilyn as a child! The squeeze noisemaker pumpkin is from our teen years and from Mom. We had two, but one year Mom and Dad gave it to one of the grandkids (I can't remember which one). The painting in back is out all year round, as is the ship in a bottle that comes from our Uncle Bob (who was an artist).

This bat is a puppet and is on the top of one of the handles of the exercise machine (hahaha).

We've had this cardboard skeleton since we were little kids! For all I know, Mom may have bought it before we were born. It went up EVERY SINGLE YEAR and was falling apart, so one year I took it and carefully reinforced it, adding cardboard to the back in several places that were tearing. It had been taped up and needed new 'black' added in several places. We use it with great care, as it's probably one of our oldest decorations, and we treasure it, even though it's just cheap cardboard -- I guess this gives you an idea of what we're like, huh? (grin)

Three different decorations. On the left, it goes out for the season (and stays through Thanksgiving). The center one is a metal bucket with a witch inside (it came from a bazaar years back). The silk sunflowers on the right are in a new vase this year. In the family room.

Here you can see the left decoration a bit better. The pumpkin is made of wood (very nice!), filled with silk mums and leaves.

Back upstairs to the living room. This pumpkin is made of metal wire and is in front of our windows where the plant stand is located. It stays out for Thanksgiving.

Yes, it's that same bouquet again! Hahaha.

This is a shot of the full mantle in the family room. You can see the painting that hangs year round. The deer used to be a Christmas deco, but now we keep it out year round.

Well, that's what I've got. Sorry I was so long-winded describing things. Hahaha. But for those who want to know, there you go. There are other decorations I didn't include, but only a few things. This is the brunt of them. I'm a little disappointed I didn't include the larger teddy bear that our friend Martha gave us (it's in the family room this year).

Anyway, I'd really like to get back to sharing more photos again. I wish it was easier!!! There should certainly be an easy way to do this from mobile devices, for example, considering I take most photos with my iPhone now (and now my camera). Oh well.

I hope you enjoy these. I'm really glad I went to the trouble! (grin)
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