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Marilyn Has So Much Courage... (Not Sure How She Does It!)

After going out to eat when the board meeting ended, we came home and did our usual routine (which now includes game-related stuff starting at midnight). Then we headed right to bed, as we were both dead tired. (Well, obviously I stopped to blog, but you get my point!)

In the middle of the night Marilyn got sick, and was up for hours dealing with it, poor thing. And she had to get things under control this morning before she could head in to work. She couldn't afford to stay home sick, because she simply had too much to get done... Talk about courage. I mean that!!!

I was dealing with severe stomach and back pain, personally. It's been happening now around half an hour after I inject my insulin, so I suddenly realized today that it was NOT tied to my joint pain flare-ups. You can't really find it online googling 'stomach pain and insulin' -- yet you do find it if you google back pain and insulin. Odd, huh? I finally read that it's actually stomach pain that radiates to the back. I guess it's tied to the injections somehow. Not surprising when you realize you inject into the stomach day after day...

Supposedly it will die down over time. I certainly HOPE SO, as it was very, very painful today! I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING most of the day because of the pain. I just wanted to sit in my chair, wrapped in my blanket and watching TV. Sad, huh?

I did watch two movies today. Part of "An American Tail," and most of "Pit Pony." I personally found the first movie both boring and depressing (and I get SICK of mice as heroes and cats as villains!!!), but I enjoyed the second film. I was SURE it was a stand-alone movie, but when I google it I only find references to a TV series! So maybe it was just one episode (it didn't feel like a TV series to me)...

Marilyn hung in much longer than I'd expected (for someone who had been sick all night, plus had no sleep and no food on her stomach). But I was certainly glad when she got home! We both ate a little peanut butter with crackers (all I had eaten was a yogurt in the morning).

We did end up running to Freddies for a few things. When we got back we decided to skip actual dinner (neither one of us felt hungry), and had popcorn, instead.

We LOVE Friday nights, watching Classic "Star Trek" episodes on cable TV!!! Great fun!!!

I had been trying to phone Sue during the day and hadn't reached her, so I called the house and got Candy. She told me Sue was at a cribbage tournament today and this weekend.

I talked to our friend Shari who still has a bad cough (but seems better). We spoke for more than an hour...

And Leslie (my nurse practitioner) phoned me today to follow up on how it's going with the insulin! That was a surprise! She told me not to worry that my morning fasting numbers are higher right now -- she said they would take the longest to come back down. But was glad to hear about my evening numbers. So I guess it's all good. I explained to her why I hadn't set a follow-up appointment yet -- with Marilyn's current health. She was very understanding...

We had SEVERAL downpours today -- really hard rain! At one point the rain was so loud I thought it must be hail, but it wasn't! And it was a cold day (I had the furnace going). Almost winter-like weather for Portland.

Well, that's pretty much my day. I want to go take some photos I can share sometime soon, so I'll say goodnight now. Sleep well, friends!!!
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