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Halloween at Our House? Yes! Kaboom!

First off, I DID blog last night -- but it crashed, so I gave up on it. (sigh) But now I think it might be here (at least in part), so I just might finish it up tomorrow. (grin) Computers. Gotta love 'em. (Says the IT Manager! Hahaha.)

Marilyn has always liked saying 'kaboom' when she feels I decorate for any given holiday to excess. Hahaha. Which is pretty much ALL holidays, to be clear...

She had a tough day at work today (and yesterday, for that matter). Still dealing with her health issue which won't allow her to EAT all day long (until she gets home in the evening). Today she didn't drink, either, until in the afternoon. I can't even imagine that -- it has to be really hard.

She went to her monthly lunch with Marcia and Gail and just sat there visiting with them while they ate. Poor thing...

Anyway, I did decorate for Autumn and Halloween today! We can't make our annual trip to the beach house for Halloween, because Marilyn has an appointment with the specialist that day. It's okay. But that's why I wanted to decorate HERE.

We've actually taken a lot of our decorations to the beach house. So most people would probably be AMAZED to see how much we still have here. Hahaha. The fridge in the kitchen is COVERED with Halloween magnets (and I remember where most of them came from!). We have stuff mainly in the family room (downstairs) and the living room (upstairs). Mom used to decorate the whole house, though! And encouraged us to decorate our bedroom and office as kids.

We have decorations that used to belong to Mom. And many from when we were kids and teenagers! I have the plastic pumpkin that was given to me in the hospital when I was five years old and there for an emergency appendectomy. It was a gift from my beloved Uncle Al (long deceased now -- he died when we were kids). It has a hole in the top that was filled with suckers. (smile) I can go around the room and point out various items we've had from various times...

I like to think Mom would be very pleased by the decorating, as it always meant so very much to her.

Marilyn was EXTREMELY PLEASED by the decorating this year! She kept saying such nice things about it. She said it made her feel very warm, especially after the day she had had. That made me very happy.

Should mention that I did do my task for the office for the board meeting tomorrow night. I was working with Christine to get a video Jeff wanted working so it could be played at the meeting. I did finally manage it, so all is well with that project.

And Hector came by at 10:00 a.m. for our meeting about work on the house.

After that, sister Sue took me to the store so I could get kitty litter (garbage day is tomorrow) and some other things. She's very kind about that! I was pretty tired after hauling in bags of litter and large bottles of water! (whew)

Hector worked on the gutters and the yard for HOURS again today! So I spent time outside cleaning out the critter dishes and filling the water dishes and putting out seed and food for the crows and other creatures. They kept Colin very entertained watching them out there during the afternoon...

I also did dishes and picked up in the kitchen a bit, before starting on the huge job of decorating! Boxes are stored downstairs in the laundry room, so I was up and down the stairs a lot.

An aside: I got my 4,000 steps today! I don't know the exact amount, though. But I guess it was walking while talking on the phone to work, walking at the store, walking around outside and walking up and down the stairs. Anyway, I'm proud of it... (smile)

Finally, Marilyn came home earlier than expected!!! (She'd been thinking she'd be there until 9:00 or later.) I'd been cooking so I'd have a nice dinner for her. I made acorn squash (baked), roast beef hash and string beans (to stuff the squash). And we had a pot of coffee, and some pumpkin bread after dinner. Very yummy! This is one of our favorite meals for this time of year.

I'm going to ride in to the board meeting with Adeena, rather than with Marilyn in the morning. That way I don't have to wash my hair tonight, as I'm pretty tired out. Adeena offered, which was kind of her.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing, as we're in street clothes, not our uniforms. And obviously wash my hair in the morning, too.

Still worried about both Shari and Rob (friends who are sick), and praying for them...

And still dealing with fatigue and stomach pains. My back was hurting a LOT today (no idea why).

My clinic called about setting a follow-up appointment for tracking how things are going with my insulin (and probably my steroid shot, too). That will have to WAIT until we see what happens with Marilyn, though!

Well past time for bed (it's after 3:00 a.m. now), so I'm off...

Stay happy and healthy, friends!!!
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