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Jeff Comes By For A Visit...

I suspect Marilyn and I would have spent this 'Marilyn Monday' doing what we did all weekend long -- lying around sleeping. But Marilyn got a text from Jeff that he was having a bad day, so we talked it over and decided to invite him to drop by our house. So she sent him a text and he agreed.

Fortunately Jeff doesn't care how we -- or our house -- look! Hahaha. I did pick up the living room a bit, as well as my bathroom. And we both threw on clothes and combed our hair...

I baked some refried beans into another dip in the oven, then also fixed homemade popcorn.

We watched the first episode of "WestWorld" (which Jeff hadn't seen). Then after that we let him vent about everything that had been going on at work today (and recently). He'd had a pretty bad day...

The problem is he hasn't had a vacation and really needs one! Nobody can function without the proper rest.

He was excited that he'd played golf yesterday and WON. (He's very competitive.)

And Jeff was worried about both Marilyn's health and mine, of course...

Anyway, he headed home in the evening, feeling better, I think.

Just in time for me, as I got sick shortly after that. I'm supposed to go to work at the office tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll be up to it, frankly.

Rich and I have a project to work on, so even if I have to stay home, we'll need to get that done. Maybe via the phone (which we done in the past, of course). Right now I just want to head to bed, as I don't feel that well...

This week is our annual Board Meeting (Thursday night). It will be a relief to be done with it, coming right on top of the Auction. I'm hopeful Marilyn won't have too much pressure with that slated soon. She's always heavily involved with the event.

Speaking of, I need to deal with the video (Christine sent me an email about it). So far I haven't been able to figure it out. (sigh)

On that note, I'm heading to bed.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that our dear friend Shari has pneumonia!!! Your prayers (and good thoughts) are greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!

I also got word from my friend Rob that he's home sick, as well. (He was writing to find out how I've been doing, as we haven't been in touch recently.)

STAY HEALTHY, friends!
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