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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
So Much to Catch Up On... 
As you can see, I have a couple of weeks to catch up here. And they've been busy and eventful days, so it's NOT going to be that easy.

But for NOW, I'm just going to catch up on today...

The annual Auction of the festival was last Friday night -- and as always, we had a busy and tiring week leading up to it, plus the day itself was exhausting. (And we spend hours on our feet at the Auction, aside from the mingling and so on. It's actually hard work.)

Plus Marilyn has been VERY, VERY SICK leading up to the Auction. (And is sick again tonight, I'm afraid.) I'm not even sure HOW she managed to get everything done last week. She's amazing, there's no doubt about it.

We survived -- and did have a good time at the Auction, in spite of how tiring it was. Personally, I've been dealing with major leg cramps this weekend (still am right now). I wore heels (which I rarely do) and was on my feet for ages -- and my legs are frankly out of shape after months of being ill. Plus I got dehydrated. Oh well... I'm not all that bad off. It's poor Marilyn who is really suffering.

We had wanted to try to get together with sister Sue and Adeena and have a "Designated Survivor" marathon this weekend, but we just weren't up to it. Another time, I guess.

We've been having VERY STORMY weather here in the Pacific Northwest, by the way! High winds and loads of rain. And it's been cold! (Yes, we've been running our furnace for ages now. In October! We often don't turn it on until November, but we needed to do it now this year...)

We spent most of the day yesterday and today lying around and barely leaving the family room except to get food and beverages (and use the bathroom). Sleep has been a big deal. And watching TV and playing on our iPads.

Oh! And I did finish my recent novel about the daughter of Queen Elizabeth I that I downloaded recently. So I've been reading, too...

Marilyn made a WONDERFUL bean dip yesterday that we both enjoyed. Her 'famous' recipe from years and years ago that she used to make all the time, with Velveeta Cheese and refried beans and cottage cheese and so on. I can't even say how tasty it was! Yummy.

I'm so very glad we bought the new coffee pot (just like the old pot -- Mr. Coffee), so we can have pots of coffee whenever we feel like it. We went more than half the year not making coffee here at home.

I just took some watermelon out to the compost bucket by the garage (outside). I had gotten a slab to eat, but we basically forgot about it until it was too late. So out it went. It was DARK and rainy and COLD and just a very nasty night! But at least we didn't have high winds again today. There was a lot of damage all around here.

We felt blessed not to lose another tree (!!!) or our power, thank God! Marilyn slept through most of the bad storm yesterday...

I need to update on a bunch of medical stuff (I saw Leslie the Friday before last), but I don't feel like it tonight. In fact, I'm forcing myself to get back to blogging. I really DO want to do it, but I'm very much out of the habit. And I've been so tired I just let it slide.

I'm hopeful everyone is doing well and is in good health.

I think I'll call it good for tonight.
October 17, 2016 (Monday) 11:37 am (UTC) - Comment to Charlie's Blog.
I had a super time at the auction and it was fun sitting with you Charlie, but I missed Marilyn being with us. I was very proud of both of you. The power point was super and it was wonderful for Marilyn to be honored with the donations to the Rose Festival. I could not keep my cpap machine on tonight and only had it on half of the necessary time last night, sure hope that will improve. Hope you both feel better soon. Love Sue
October 17, 2016 (Monday) 02:16 pm (UTC)
Marilyn is still sick? Oh dear. I hope you both can get some rest and sleep it off!

October 18, 2016 (Tuesday) 01:05 am (UTC)
Sorry you and Marilyn have not been feeling well!
I hope you're both feeling better soon!