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Poor Marilyn is SO VERY SICK Tonight...

Potentially TMI (too much information) -- so feel free NOT to read, please.

It's actually the middle of the night (making it Wednesday). But I'm blogging about Tuesday...

Marilyn had a long day (again), ending with going to get her hair done.

I think her current illness is two-fold. It's her digestive issue that she's had since college, which is on and off bad (or terrible). Plus I think she's still getting over the most recent virus she had. I know she had no choice but to go back to work, but she's been feeling awful again since last Friday (Friday, Saturday -- both work days -- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday/today -- also a work day).

She goes to work with nothing but water on her stomach. And maybe she'll have tea (but no coffee). Then she doesn't eat all day long until she gets home again. There's no way to know if she'll have serious issues at work if she does eat, so I don't blame her one bit.

But it's pretty hard for ANYONE to function without food for all those hours every day.

Then when she DOES finally eat in the evening (late tonight, because of her hair) and HAS issues, she's miserable. She was VERY, VERY SICK tonight (still is). She's finally trying to sleep at 3:30 a.m.

She had one of those take-home testing kits, so she did it so she can take her to her doctor. They need to figure out if she has some intestinal bug or what (there are so many possible conditions, after all).

It's nice that sister Sue has given her some of her 'good' pills (over the counter pills don't help much). But pills can only do so much...

Leftovers for dinner -- I don't know if that was the problem or not. (sigh)

Marilyn is feverish and miserable. But on the GOOD SIDE, her hair is fabulous! I love the cut and the color!!!

And she wore her new plum colored jacket to work today, which looks WONDERFUL on her.

(You have to look on the good side...)

Time for bed. I'll try and write more soon.

Both Sue and I did watch the Vice Presidential Debate, by the way... I think I'll skip discussing it (I hate political discussions online), but it was INTERESTING, to say the least.

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