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Marilyn Is AMAZING! (Sue and I Are So PROUD!!!)

It's currently past 2:00 a.m. and I'm EXHAUSTED. But I have happily finished up real garbage week, putting out a ton of garbage, cleaning the cat boxes and doing the recycling and composting. I'm a little more proud of myself some weeks than others, when it's a bit harder to do this task -- and tonight that was certainly the case...

My spleen has hurt all day long. Annoying. (No, I don't get used to the pain, I'm sorry to report...)

This afternoon and evening (and into tonight) it was all about Marilyn and her A Place With No Ceiling Award, presented by the Portland Business Alliance (this is the fifth year they've had this event). A Place With No Ceiling is an event that connects and inspires women in the business community. Every year, one female executive is celebrated for blazing a trail for women, and one company is recognized for fostering opportunities for women. Marilyn was nominated and then selected to receive the award this year.

Anyway, Marilyn came home around 2:00 p.m. to get ready for the 4:00 p.m. event. Adeena and sister Sue came to the house at 3:00-ish and then we four headed downtown to the Oregon Historical Society (the venue where the event took place -- it was an outdoor event). Sue looked really nice in her black pants and her new gray top with bling. The rest of us were all dressed in the festival uniform (khaki pants, white blouses and navy blue jackets) -- the idea was to have as many people there in the uniform as possible, to show how we had turned out for this.

This event has been SOLD OUT for ages and was just PACKED with people (mainly women, but there were a lot of men, too). There was wine and hors d'oeuvres (I understand the food was quite good) served (Marilyn and I did NOT eat).

Then came the speeches. A funny moment was when Marilyn was referred to by her first name -- and our CEO's last name (I was teasing Jeff about that later on... hahaha...). But the second time she was mentioned in the introduction the woman managed to correct herself (without Marilyn needing to do so).

Marilyn did her usual AMAZING job with her speech -- which honestly blew people away! I heard a TON of comments that weren't just positive, but where people were just raving about how well she spoke. She was sincere and informative and humorous and passionate -- as she always is! (The man representing the organization being honored who spoke after her was candid that she was a really hard act to follow...)

Then there was further mingling. We ended up with a huge turnout of festival staff and board members -- and other friends of Marilyn who showed up. In many cases we were surprised, because some attendees had gotten tickets on their own, so we had no idea they were coming! (The event wasn't super expensive at $35 each, but obviously this does differs from a free event.) We heard over and over and over again people saying, "I wouldn't have missed this for anything." I thought that was quite a tribute to Marilyn, but certainly one she has earned.

Adeena was kind enough to bring her camera and act as Marilyn's official photographer (as she did last year for Marilyn's 40th Anniversary event). She got some amazing shots! I'll try and share tomorrow (I'm just TOO TIRED tonight).

Then several people wanted to go for a drink, so we did that with a good-sized group. Adeena got some french fries and Marilyn and I both ate a couple. We only had one drink each (that's a long story as to why). I can't recall exactly when we headed home, but I think it was past 7:00...

Sue headed home right away -- I'm sure she must have been worn out! We were on our feet for much of the event, plus we ended up walking quite a bit after. (I actually got my 4,000 steps today, believe it or not!)

Adeena stayed and I made leftovers for dinner -- all three of us were starved! (Marilyn never eats during the day because of her digestive issue, and I had only had yogurt and a pear -- plus Adeena's french fries, thank God -- prior to dinner...)

Then Adeena was pretty tired and needed to head out. It was so good to see her, as it had been ages!

Finally I made popcorn. But didn't eat that much of it. And I needed to QUIT EATING, as I'm having my fasting blood work in the morning (and need to fast 10 hours before with only water).

Sue is picking me up at a quarter to 9:00 for that tomorrow. Then after we'll go get my other prescriptions -- which were FINALLY finished (!!!) today. WTF???

I did speak with Leslie today about the results of my labs from last week. More about all that tomorrow.

And I did fix up the critter area (where I feed the crows, other birds, squirrels and whatever comes), under the big tree by the garage...

Oops!!!!!!!!!!! I almost forgot to mention that Marilyn was interviewed by TV at the event -- and it played tonight on the news. (They also included some footage of her in her office from another time. Nice piece!!!) I'm hopeful they'll do something in the St. Johns Review, our local newspaper. Rich sent something out, but you can never tell with them. (Back in 2012 when I won my award, it was like pulling teeth to get them to print it, even when The Oregonian had included it weeks before! Small publications can often be snobs this way, I think. So odd...) We'd just like local people to know about it...

Time for bed. I am SO BEAT!

Sweet dreams, dear friends.
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