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Shopping With Sister Sue at Ross. Plus: Marilyn and I Have a Nice Dinner!

Marilyn wore her absolutely darling new pants from Chico's (a leopard print that fit her beautifully!) to work today. (I can't believe NOBODY said anything to her about them! What is WRONG with people???) She looked great!

And sister Sue and I went shopping right around 11:00 over to the Ross in the Jantzen Beach Mall, near Sue's home. We both found a lot of things to try on (!!!), and ended up getting quite a few items, too.

I found khaki pants to wear with my uniform (woo hoo), plus TWO new white tops, and some black pants, as well. (Everything on the 'list' that Marilyn had wanted me to buy.) I started out trying on size 20, then went to 18 and ended up with 16s (!!!). What a pleasant surprise!

Sue, too, was trying on size 20 at first -- and even some 22s, crazy girl! Hahaha. But she, too, was fitting in 16, though she didn't end up getting any pants today. But she did get several new tops! So she has a choice of what to wear tomorrow night.

The last I'd heard Sue had shown her daughter Candy what she bought, but hadn't put anything on for her to see. The minute Marilyn got home from work I dressed in every single item. Hahaha. It was just fun to show it all off! We don't go shopping for clothes all that often, so this was fun for both of us.

After our shopping trip, Sue took me to Freddies to get more bottled water. Now that we're making all our coffee with bottled water (those big bottles we think of normally as 'cat' water), we need a lot more than before. I have to say the coffee does seem to taste better using that, in place of tap water. (Portland is notorious for having poor quality water! Our Dad used to be crazed about that, always watching public TV reports local water. Hahaha.) Don't get me wrong, we use the water to wash with, wash DISHES and clothes and (importantly) brush our teeth -- so it's not horrible. But we don't DRINK IT here at home -- and never give it to our cats to drink, either.

I got several other items while there (including a case of small bottled water for US). And I guess I was hungry, because I got a few food items I had planned on! Then we went to Riteaid to get my prescriptions. Get this: Two were ready -- three more were NOT. The woman asked if I wanted to 'come back' to get them! Right. I told her, 'not today.' No kidding! Supposedly they were working to have all my meds at one time, but clearly they aren't working very hard on that...

I got home and hauled everything in. I'm still not great with packing stuff around, so it was rough. But I got it all put away. Sue headed home and had told me to eat and nap! (Typical sweet sister stuff. Hahaha.)

I wolfed down an egg roll from the fridge, instead of fixing the food I'd bought to cook for lunch. Then I sat down and promptly fell asleep sitting up (for a change!!!). Hahaha. Good grief!

Marilyn left work early (!!!) to go pick up our jackets from the dry cleaners. Which unhappily put her into rush hour traffic! We have TERRIBLE TRAFFIC in Portland -- especially downtown and nearby. So it was an awful drive home for her. Normally she NEVER leaves the office any time close to 5:00 for exactly this reason...

I made meatloaf and green beans for dinner -- with a 'red' (tomatoe) sauce to go with that turned out really tasty! Spaghetti sauce as a base, thickened with flour and seasoned with my 'secret' spices and some ketchup. Wow, it was GOOD. And I'd bought some slices of watermelon, as we'd never had a bite all summer long! So that was our dinner.

After dinner we both took NAPS. She needed to WASH HER HAIR for tomorrow (which I can do in the morning). And then we'll play our games (again) at midnight and head to bed as close to 1:00 a.m. as we can manage.

Which often isn't that close, I'm afraid. The problem is that when we're sick we often stay awake all night long. And end up watching TV and movies during the middle of the night. Plus, as most of you know, our 'normal' pattern is to be up from midnight to around 2:00 (or even later), after taking a nap in the evening. We've been trying to change that this year, with some success, actually. But right now we're struggling to get back to that.

And Marilyn has actually been sleeping in her BED for a couple of nights (which she rarely does). So that's quite a change!

She did NOT get her speech done today -- but I'm NOT worried about it. If she has to make it up on the fly, she'll still do a great job. She's sincerely one of the VERY BEST PUBLIC SPEAKERS that I know. And, no, this isn't bias on my part. It's a big part of her job -- and one that everyone agrees she's really good at! I had asked her if she wanted to 'practice' in front me (right), but she said she wants her speech to be a 'surprise.' I know a couple of minor things she has in mind, but I'll be as surprised as everyone else when she gives the speech.

Well, that's pretty much it for today! Tomorrow is garbage day, so I'll try and get some of it done early on, I guess. And I need to mess around with the outdoor animal feeding and watering area again. And clean the hummingbird feeder, too (hopefully). We'll see what I'm up to.

What I WON'T be doing is anything that tires me out before the BIG EVENT!!! Actually, everything else can WAIT until Thursday night or Friday, if need be.

Oh! I did call my clinic today. I never got the RESULTS from my labs from last Tuesday (it's more than a week ago, obviously, as this is Wednesday). I wasn't getting them today, either, as Leslie is off Wednesdays... The woman on the phone was wonderful. And she looked it up and said she could see that Leslie had reviewed my results. (sigh) Anyway, I left a number for her to call...

Then I set up NEW labs for Friday (at 9:00 a.m.) -- fasting labs for my A1C (which is every six months). That's the diabetic test, for those who might not know. Sister Sue is kindly taking me.

And I set an appointment to see Leslie for next Friday at 5:00 p.m. (with Marilyn). Marilyn really wants to PUSH about what's WRONG with me -- and has more ideas to discuss...

That's all the time I've got!

Good night, sleep well and have good dreams! And STAY HEALTHY, dear friends!!!
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