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Crummy Day. Not Horrible. Not Bad. Just Not Great...

What did I just spend the last 15 minutes doing? Replacing one of my two dual monitors. Specifically the PRIMARY monitor, meaning NO, I couldn't just wait and do it later. Hahaha. I couldn't do ANYTHING until I got it replaced. (sigh)

The GOOD news? Fortunately (woo hoo) I had a SPARE to use to replace it! I knew I had two down at the beach house, but I wasn't sure I even had one here at the Portland house. So it was a real break that I did. And interestingly enough: The former (dead) monitor was a Dell, while this one is an Acer. And my secondary monitor is also an Acer, so they now match! That's not all that important, but it's cool...

I'm in a HUGE HURRY to get my blogging done, as that MAGIC MIDNIGHT HOUR is quickly approaching. And if you play SimCity BuildIt, you MUST play between midnight and one o'clock. I'm NOT kidding. That's when all the very best stuff for the entire day happens...

Marilyn had a super-long day with a four-hour meeting ending it. She didn't get home until around 9:00. I was dead asleep and the phone woke me from quite the nightmare! It's still VIVID in my mind, actually, hours later! She had nominating to deal with today, which is tons of work. She didn't even get a chance to write her speech for Thursday night (she'll do that tomorrow).

The good news is that we'll be in uniform for the event -- and she came back on her way to work to pick up our jackets to get them to the cleaner. Her wonderful dry cleaner promised them for tomorrow (she's been going to him for years and years now).

Sue and I did NOT going shopping. I just didn't feel up to it, in all honesty. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow -- we plan to go in the morning...

Yesterday we went shopping at Chico's at the Woodburn Premium Outlets (in Woodburn, Oregon). Marilyn got several items there (pants and blouses), so I'd call that a successful trip! But boy, did it wear us out!

She wore one of her new tops to work today -- very cute, with stripes! (I picked it out.)

I actually talked to Rich today for around an hour. We have a project we're working on together, but we ended up just chatting today. I'm going to read over his document tomorrow so we can discuss it. And happily he's going to be there Thursday night! (But we both agreed that will NOT be a time for anything work-related...)

I did pick up in the kitchen and do a load of dishes today, at least. I spent most of the day up, though I admit I didn't do much. And I was nauseous in the afternoon and evening, so I ended up with low blood sugar yet again. (sigh) I can't seem to get that balanced right now. After all, I'm on a higher dose of BOTH my diabetes medications (double for BOTH) -- and I've been sick for weeks and weeks, and just not that hungry. So it just hasn't been easy. I'll get there, I'm sure.

I texted with Adeena (miss her!) today. And sister Sue and I talked more than once. I tried to call June, but missed her. I finally got her Donn's home address today (I promised that ages ago!), so I both called and emailed her, but didn't hear back. I hope everything is okay with her!

I talked a little bit with Christine today, too. Anxious to see her (it's been so long), and to chat more about her son Zander...

Watched a show about "Star Trek" (part of it) that was really good!

Have any of you watched the TV series "Gaycation" on Viceland??? I saw it today and was very moved. (Yes, I cried.) I saw about an episode and a half. I want to see more, for sure...

And that's ALL the time I have!!!

Sleep well and stay healthy.

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