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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Sister Sue Pays Us a Visit! 
sisters, sisters ball
Marilyn and I spent a quiet Sunday -- same old, same old. Watching TV, sleeping and playing on our iPads.

The only productive thing I did was take out some garbage...

Marilyn actually showered and washed her hair, though! I didn't quite manage it. While Marilyn was in the shower, I picked up the living room a little bit, as we'd invited our sister Sue to come over and watch a TV show with us! (The living room wasn't all that bad, to tell the truth. But there were some papers lying around and blankets, as we've been lying in there now and then. Stuff like that...)

I'd promised Sue popcorn and coffee, which I had for her when she arrived. I made a fresh pot while she was here, so she had two cups. Plus some ice cream!

We wanted her to see "Designated Survivor," which she'd missed seeing (and we had taped on our DVR). We both thought she'd enjoy it. Sue is very political and always has been. (As I've mentioned in the past, Sue was in the Oregon House of Representatives at one point -- and she has many friends in politics. She walked and talked with Jimmy Carter when he was in the White House, and she attended both of the inaugurations of President Bill Clinton -- plus she attended inaugural parties at Teddy Kennedy's house! I have a photo of her with Hillary Clinton from when Sue was a labor leader framed and in the living room. I guess you could say Sue was a 'mover and shaker.' And just because she's now retired, I don't let people forget that fact! In other words, I'm pretty PROUD of both my very accomplished sisters -- with good cause, I think.)

I've only seen the White House from a distance (I didn't get to tour it when I was in D.C. years back, I'm afraid). But I've seen several movies they've made with those very realistic sets -- and I think they've done an amazing job with the sets for this new series. (I can't imagine what it's like to be Sue when it comes to having been to the White House...)

After we watched that we put on a couple of "Leave it to Beaver" episodes to watch -- and Marilyn and I played SimCity BuildIt at midnight (the magic hour!) while doing that (Sue was okay with it). After that Sue headed home...

Marilyn reminded her that Thursday night is the event where Marilyn is being honored. We all have to figure out WHAT we're going to WEAR to that event (!!!) before then. (sigh) I'm so glad I got my manicure and pedicure done before then.

Sue will have to miss cribbage, so she'll need to let people know...

Well, that's our day (pretty much).

Sleep well and be happy, friends! And keep yourself as healthy as you can!!! (Marilyn and I are pretty SICK of being sick... sigh...) Good night!
September 26, 2016 (Monday) 04:14 pm (UTC)
I didn't know that about Sue--that is very impressive! :o)
September 27, 2016 (Tuesday) 10:51 pm (UTC)
Yay for a visit and a restful time!