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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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We're Both Still SICK. (ugh) 
TMI - v1
Marilyn was home again today. She just got through saying to me that she had a bad feeling that if she got my bug she'd be sick with it for two weeks. I just feel REALLY BAD that she got it! I wish that hadn't had to happen... (sigh)

First thing today I had to do IT for the festival office... More on that later.

I managed to gather and put the garbage out in the can today (somehow). And to do a load of dishes in the dishwasher. And pick up the kitchen.

Tonight I made fried tomatoes for dinner (it's only the second time we've had them). We had a few left from when we picked them before (in the fridge) -- but a bunch were going bad, so we needed to eat them.

I made a BIG MESS cooking them, so I just finally got done cleaning it up...

We had a pot of coffee in the NEW coffee pot (Mr. Coffee -- we love it!), with a slab each of pound cake I got at Freddies when I went shopping. What a treat!

Most of today we both spent doing NOTHING, though. Watching TV, sleeping (napping, sleeping, napping), and playing on our iPads (including SimCity BuildIt -- and the 'midnight hour' is fast approaching for that game!!!).

And I gave both cats a bunch of attention -- it's the 'autumn cat thing' that has them both seeking constant attention from both of us. And I do mean CONSTANT. They want to be held and petted and held and talked to and they follow you everywhere...

Fridays are AWESOME!!! Marilyn and I LOVE watching Classic Star Trek!!! So nice. I can't get over how much we're enjoying that. (We loved it LAST Friday night, too!)

I wonder WHEN I'll get my lab results? I wonder if my spleen pain will ever go away? More on all this later.

Well, I have to run for the midnight play of our game! Please sleep well and stay healthy!!!

September 25, 2016 (Sunday) 01:08 am (UTC)
Sorry for the big mess!
Hopefully worth it!