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Picking Tomatoes? No. Manicure and Pedicure? Yes.

Marilyn, sister Sue and I tried to drive down to Sauvie Island to u-pick green tomatoes, but we couldn't get off the St. Johns Bridge!!! We literally sat for more than half an hour on the ramp leading down to St. Helen's Road (highway 30). When we finally got up far enough to see, they were laying blacktop below! There was NOWHERE for traffic to go! So why in hell wasn't that piece of road CLOSED???

Anyway, we turned up Germantown Road to turn around. This isn't a street we are happy to drive. Sue's ex was riding here years back and had his best friend killed by a driver. I know many other people who have had accidents on Germantown Road. It's narrow and curves like crazy and people drive it way too fast. They've put speed bumps to try and slow people down, but it doesn't help much... Anyway, not a place we like to go. But there wasn't much choice!

We gave up the attempt to go get tomatoes, anyway. Instead Sue took us to Starbucks (wasn't that nice of her?).

Then Sue was heading home, and Marilyn suggested she drop me to get my pedicure and manicure (it's near her home) -- and that Marilyn would come later to pick me up. So that's what we did. (Again, nice of Sue to drive me! And nice of Marilyn to come and get me in terrible traffic -- especially after her earlier bad traffic situation...)

I'm GLAD to finally have my pedicure and manicure done, as I really needed both.

Marilyn and I are both still coughing. Pretty bad, actually. Hopefully we'll be better soon...

The rest of the day? It was spent snoozing, watching TV, playing on our iPads. We had some frozen stuff I fixed in the microwave for dinner. Then I made homemade popcorn as a treat.

We decided to get a movie to watch and saw Michael Mann's 2015 film "Blackhat," which featured Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei, Viola Davis and Wang Leehom. We LOVED this movie. I was surprised to read it was a bomb, but they surmised it was the campaign to advertise it that failed. You could see Michael Mann's hands all over it, which is no surprise considering he co-wrote, co-produced and directed it. Beautifully done. Anyway, I'd highly recommend you give it a chance. Very elegantly done...

And now I'm off to bed (Marilyn was already falling asleep when I came up to blog).
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