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The April Fool's Novels Challenge

My friend Becky beckyo first mentioned the April Fool's Novels challenge inside this entry (I think, anyway!).

I must admit that at first I didn't pay much attention, because April is such a busy writing month for me professionally -- working on the parade script.

So I just counted the final draft of last year's script and found it ends up being around 10,500 words, total. That doesn't count numerous drafts and rewrites, of course. Or the other writing that wraps into it, either. Normally I don't bother to ever count the words, as I'm not paid by the word and the final word count simply doesn't matter to anyone... Yes, even to me that doesn't sound like many words, I admit... (smile)

I was remembering back to November and doing Nano and thinking I couldn't possibly try any kind of writing challenge this time of year, considering all the professional writing I do! (grin)

But (as Becky clearly pointed out in the post I linked above) the April Fool's Novels challenge (not sure if that's the 'official' name of the challenge or not) allows you to count the total of everything you write for the month of April, which sounds like a pretty good deal!

Well, actually, this challenge doesn't let you count any journal entries in that total. Frankly, I'm not sure why -- to me journal entries are an excellent source of writing! But let's face it, every one of these writing challenges has it's own set of rules -- and following the rules is part of the challenge, after all! (grin)

After visiting the official site, I'm thinking I might do it after all. I don't ever finish the script during April, but I do a lot of writing for work during the month. And I did even start work on a drabble this morning, so you never know -- I could end up having a good month for non-work writing, too!

I do feel I've slacked a ton since NaNo last year, as far as writing goes. So maybe doing something like this might 'jump start' my fic writing again...

Anyway, you can join it (like Nano) any time until the end of the month, so I'm going to think it over. What's the harm with that?

In any case, it seems appropriate to officially use my current default icon of Arturo from "Ask the Dust" for this entry, considering he's a writer... (smile)

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