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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Quiet Day -- I Colored My Hair (Finally) 
I slept in (again) today. I'm always SO TIRED. (sigh) No, unfortunately, my cough does NOT seem better. Hopefully it will improve in the next few days...

Tomorrow is our BIG DAY. We're due at the Spirit Mountain event by 5:00 p.m. (!!!), so Marilyn plans to get home pretty early so we can pack and take off (it's a long drive!!!).

With that event in mind, I FINALLY colored my hair (I got the color at Walmart last night). It was exhausting, but turned out very nice. I'm happy, in other words! (grin)

Marilyn had another hard day. She's probably going to need to work this weekend (sucks). And she's still not feeling that well, poor thing. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Donn's surgery went quite well, I'm happy to report! I spoke to him twice this morning. I'm hoping he'll heal quickly with very little pain...

June told me PooPurr was doing very well today! She even insisted on going out on the patio (Jim went with her to keep an eye on her). She wanted me to tell everyone how much she appreciated all the prayers and good thoughts!

I need to get in and do the garbage and recycling NOW (it's well past midnight). So I guess I'll get to it!

We're hanging in there. I'm sure tomorrow will go well.

Sleep well, friends.
September 16, 2016 (Friday) 11:37 pm (UTC)
Hope the big day goes well!