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PooPurr: Good News! Donn's Surgery: Tomorrow!

I talked to June more than once today, and the VERY GOOD NEWS is that PooPurr both ate and drank today! In fact, June said she'd eaten quite a bit. I'm so happy to hear it! June thanked all of us for the prayers and good thoughts and asked us to keep it coming! I've been praying several times today...

I also talked to sister Sue more than once. (Nice to speak with both her and June!)

And I called Donn to wish him all the best for his surgery tomorrow. We spoke for some time (he's worried about my health -- pretty nice of him while he has his own health to concern him!).

Quiet day, pretty much. I did do one thing today. It's been driving me crazy how dirty the floor in the living room was right around my leather chair -- so I got down and gave it a good scrubbing, just in that area. I really can't say how good that made me feel! (grin)

I also sat up to my desktop computer in the office today and worked on email at work (via Remote). And here at home, too. I got it way down from where it had been. I'm at just around 240+ emails in my Inbox at the office. (But it's quite a bit more here at home... sigh... Maybe I'll do MORE tomorrow! Hahaha.)

Tomorrow I want to color my hair and do the garbage and recycling. (I think I'll probably skip my manicure and pedicure entirely. Oh, and I picked up hair color at the store while we were there...)

Marilyn had a KILLER day at the office! A lot of stressful meetings and a VERY LONG DAY. She didn't get home until past 9:00. Then we left immediately to go shopping at Walmart and got back around 10:30. She was pretty done in after that (considering she's still sick herself). I don't know HOW she does it. She never fails to amaze me!

Then we played SimCity BuildIt during the 'magic hour' between midnight and 1:00 a.m. (No, I have no idea why that's true, but it appears to be the case every day! Something GOOD always happens then, without fail...)

Now she's trying to sleep (on the sofa in the family room) while I blog, take my meds and head to bed. We're both VERY TIRED tonight...

She has another extremely busy day tomorrow, too.

She and Jeff went to a work-related (social obligation) dinner tonight. Marilyn sat with a woman (Sally) who she said was very intense and extremely fascinating to talk to. (Marilyn ate very little. But brought home an amazing pork chop to feed to our outdoor critters! Hahaha.)

I can't think what I'm forgetting to share, so I'll let it go (whatever it is). Time to head to bed!

Good night, dear friends! Sweet dreams!!!
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