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Pretty Quiet Day...

First off, I had it in my head all day long that today was WEDNESDAY, instead of TUESDAY. Seriously, Charlie??? What gives with THAT?

Good News: PooPurr drank water today! Keep those prayers (good thoughts) coming, please! Thanks! June says she's up and down, but she's obviously a little better than before, anyway... (St. Francis is getting a lot of prayers from me... smile...)

Marilyn came home around 6:00-ish tonight, which really surprised me. She's often quite late on her first day back from vacation (especially a two-week vacation!). She hung in there really well for someone who is actually still sick (poor thing).

We ate leftover Chinese food for dinner -- it was great!

I did a tiny bit of cleaning up in the kitchen today, and cleaning out the upstairs fridge, too. But, NO, I did not overdo...

Actually, I slept in really late. Then sat around a lot upstairs (to get some sun!). And at my computer, so I could do some email maintenance for work. (I really needed to do that!)

I talked to Donn today. And June. And sister Sue.

I should color my hair, if I can work up the energy for it. Before our trip on Friday, would be good! And I should go for my manicure and pedicure, too... Again, if I can work up the energy.

Marilyn think the Ryan Lochte thing on Dancing With the Stars was deliberate -- otherwise how would those 'protesters' have gotten in there in the first place? She makes sense -- it hadn't occurred to me! Publicity, of course. Or trying to make people feel 'sorry' for the jackass...

We haven't been watching that show, so I didn't see it, but it was all over online so I saw video. Oh brother.

Still enjoying our SimCity BuildIt game. (smile) Fun, fun!

I've been SLEEPING A TON recently. I barely get to read for all the sleeping I do!

I have a doctor appointment for next Tuesday afternoon (at 5:00 p.m.) to see Leslie (hurray!!!).

Bedtime! Sleep well, dear friends -- and STAY HEALTHY!!! (Praying you all will!)
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