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No Such Thing as a BAD Day... But Still...

I don't believe in the concept of BAD days. What I mean is, even a so-called 'bad day' can include good moments. That's what I believe!

I got up this morning and had low blood sugar. I didn't eat anything to combat it, as I took a large swig of cough syrup to help my coughing -- and it's loaded with sugar, I'm afraid. (Let's not even go there...)

I was just collapsed sitting up (barely) in my chair in the family room. Marilyn got up and got ready to go out. She wanted to get her pedicure and manicure done. But there was NO WAY I was going to be able to do that. So she went without me, leaving me at home sleeping in my chair.

We had a long discussion about it today. We've both had a hard year, health-wise. Marilyn has been down sick three separate times in 2016. This has gotten less attention mainly because I've been so damn sick this year...

She wants me to get an appointment to see Leslie, but it will have to be next week at this point. (She's extremely busy this entire week.) She'll be going with me so we can have a serious talk about what I need to do now. If I exert myself even a little bit, I'm collapsed the following day. Getting really tired out and in a terrible sweat is probably what opened me up to this latest illness. Yesterday I did just a little bit around the house and today I slept most of the day!

It's pretty annoying, anyway.

Well, vacation is over. Marilyn goes back to work tomorrow. I'd hoped to do the same, but clearly I'm not ready, yet.

Marilyn was kind enough to bring home deli Chinese from Safeway, which we both really like! Tasty stuff, actually. They maybe make my favorite fried rice, believe it or not. (I like fried rice that's just rice, carrots, peas and egg -- which is what they do there.) And she got chicken for her (she doesn't eat fried rice), which I also ate. Delicious!

Later we did take a ride and get a dollar ice cream cone from McDonald's, before watching the finale of American Ninja Warrior. We HATE to see the season end!!! It's such an inspirational show in so many ways.

We're also still enjoying our SimCity BuildIt game, very much! It's been fun playing it this vacation.

So, yes, even though I felt pretty lousy most of the day, it was STILL a good day in so many ways! You've got to keep your chin up, no matter what...

About my nails: I might need to go over with either June or sister Sue and get them done sometime this week. But if it came right down to it, I could get by with the way they are. They don't look bad, really. It would probably be good to do them, but whatever. I'll deal.

If I'm not able to go in with Marilyn on Friday, she'll go to work in the morning, then come home to get me for the drive to Spirit Mountain Casino for the event (and staying overnight). If I really wasn't up to it, she would go alone -- but I don't want that to happen. It would disappoint our sponsor (who really likes me) and put more burden on Marilyn. I'll be able to do it, I'm sure!

I'm DELIGHTED to welcome my sister Sue BACK to LiveJournal! She's been 'away' a lot this year -- but she's BACK!!!!!!!!! I can't say how pleased I am!

I heard from Adeena today, which was nice!

I cancelled Hector early today. I just wasn't up to seeing him. Soon, hopefully...

Hopefully no news is good news about PooPurr (I didn't talk to either June or Jim today)...

And that's my Monday! Sleep well, everyone!
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