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9/11 -- 15 Years Later. PLUS: PooPurr is Better Today!

The good news from June tonight is that PooPurr is BETTER today! She wasn't hiding, ate a little bit and was following June around a little. And at Jim's feet to be petted. She's still bad off (not drinking -- June's giving her water with a dropper), but better than she has been this week. She had been hiding (which cats do when they're very sick) and not doing ANYTHING. Plus not eating and drinking...

June says her eyes have sunk back in her head, which happens to cats pretty quickly when they aren't eating. It's always been an issue with our Henry.

Anyway, keep those prayers (good thoughts) coming, PLEASE! June feels her improvement is nothing short of a miracle. (And some continued prayers/thoughts for June and Jim are much appreciated, too!)

It's hard to believe that today marks 15 YEARS since 9/11. I'll never forget that day as long as I live... (Which makes it easier to imagine what Pearl Harbor day was like for our parents and other family members who lived through it!)

Marilyn is very sick. She's feverish all the time right now. I'm chilled a lot of the time, so she'll be lying uncovered, while I'm burrowing under a blanket! Crazy.

She managed to TAKE A SHOWER AND DO HER HAIR tonight (!!!). I can't get over it! Now that I'm recovering I did that, but I don't think I could have done it the first several days I was sick with this damn bug. Too exhausting. (Plus I was dizzy...) But Marilyn can always seem to do amazing things.

We forced ourselves to dash out to the store for just a couple of items I didn't get when I went out with sister Sue. Marilyn was already feeling cabin fever after being sick a few days. I totally get it, believe me. We weren't out very long, that's for sure...

We didn't eat much (again) today. Partly we're not hungry and partly we don't feel up to fixing much. I don't think we're getting enough nutritious food, but oh well...

I did do the cat boxes, take out a bunch more garbage and clean up a little bit. That's about all I'm able to do, too. I was in a complete sweat after that small amount of work! But it's always nice to do some things, if you can.

Still LOVING the Classic Star Trek viewing we've been doing! Just wonderful. Especially seeing every episode uncut.

Hector phoned today and is coming over tomorrow. We want to discuss having him do some painting for us. We'll see how that goes...

And Marilyn and I are madly in love with SimCity BuildIt -- and having SO MUCH FUN playing it! Don't get me wrong, it's rather complicated to play. We've read a TON online about how to do things. And it helps that we're BOTH playing it, so we can explain things to each other as we learn them.

Marilyn is far better at the game than I -- she's very goal oriented when she plays any of these games. I play very differently, I admit. But we share the enjoyment of developing our two cities. And part of playing is going to other cities (that people have created) and 'visiting' so you can buy things from them and see what they've done designing their city. Very fun.

It's actually been designed to play over long periods of time. Some people we've read about have been playing the game for years! You start out very small and just slowly develop -- plus it gets harder and harder to do things.

It's been nice to have a game to distract us both while we've been sick. Something we can do lying in one spot for hours. Hahaha.

I spent a TON of the day SLEEPING again. Part of the time in bed, but a lot of the time sitting reclined in my chair, just snoozing with a blanket over me in front of the TV. It shows how tired I am, as normally I can't sleep with the TV on (unlike Marilyn). I usually prefer a dark or semi-dark room where I can read and sleep. But TV or the radio (or iPod) generally keep me awake. But not right now! I'm sleeping through everything... (Obviously I need it really bad.)

The cough I have is driving me crazy. Plus it's painful. Today I was having that pain again that I had before going to have my ultrasound (which I haven't been having lately). Annoying.

Marilyn and I must FORCE OURSELVES to go for manicures tomorrow, no matter what!!! We have an important work-related social obligation (with an important sponsor) the end of this week, and there will be no other time we can get it done before then! It's going to be VERY HARD getting up for that, believe me. (I don't like getting that done when I'm totally well!!! Hahaha.)

Well, I need to head to bed now. Hard to believe vacation is almost over...

Stay healthy (and happy), dear friends!
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