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Shopping? It Was HARD.

Marilyn absolutely has my bug now. (sigh) She's very sick, poor thing. I don't know WHY that had to happen...

We've been continuing to watch Star Trek (Classic) today -- GREAT FUN!!! The really cool thing? They are playing every single episode WITHOUT CUTTING OUT PIECES! Back then, they had far less commercials and they were shorter. So now to play old shows they always have to cut out huge chunks of what was originally aired! But they're just playing these one on top of another, and they keep going, playing the whole thing as originally aired! Isn't that WONDERFUL???

We used to be 'experts' about Classic Trek. We used to do what we called 'drilling Trek.' We had several manuals about the show, and we'd ask each other questions about every detail of each show. We knew all the episode names by heart and tons of little details. We did this with several Trek-crazy friends, as well. (smile) We'd do it while involved in other tasks, like cleaning house or whatever... It was a great way to pass the time in a positive way while doing something else that needed to be done.

Of course, it's been years since we did that! And there have been a good many other things in life to try to remember. So I'm always pleased when we can pull out the episode name and various portions of what happens (including famous quotes). We're still pretty good at it, actually! Hahaha.

Before I forget, I have a prayer request. (Or you can send positive thoughts, if you don't pray.) Please keep PooPurr -- June and Jim's beloved cat -- in your thoughts and prayers. The poor kitty isn't doing at all well right now. She has an enlarged heart and trouble breathing and eating and they are trying very hard to care for her. She's been to the vet several times and they're hand feeding her... Thanks, everyone!

I'll keep you posted about how PooPurr does.

(It's so hard to watch our beloved pets grow old and unhealthy. I remember how hard it was feeding April and later Kitty Scarlett...)

We didn't watch very much tennis today. But we both played with our SimsCity BuiltIt games.

I forced myself to shower and do my hair (I've been so feverish that I sweat heavily into my hair all the time), so I could go out shopping today. Marilyn and I needed EVERYTHING you can imagine! Thankfully our sister Sue took me so Marilyn could stay home and stay down (and not have to try and shower, as sick as she feels).

We went to Freddies and I got a bunch of essential things, including toilet paper (!!!), Kleenex, paper towels, cat food, kitty litter, bread, bottled water, pop, MEDICINE and on and on. It was a lot to buy and pack in the house and put away, so it tired me out a lot. I'm still VERY PUNY from being sick. And coughing like mad.

Marilyn and I ate chili for a late dinner. We've eaten very little in the last several days. I'm sure we needed the nutrition.

Donn worked on my computer at the festival today (I guess it's done now). And he worked on June's home computer, too. I have to admit I had little interest. I just didn't feel well enough to care much...

I would appreciate prayers (thoughts) for Marilyn's health. She's very frustrated, as she's been dealing with health issues most of this year.

She was supposed to hike with Jeff today but had to cancel (obviously).

2016 has been a rough year for our family...

Anyway, we keep our chins up, even so. And enjoy whatever we can! And right now that means our new game and an old TV series (Star Trek). There's always something to feel good about!

Good night. Sleep well, friends.
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