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US Open Tennis...

Another LAZY vacation day. Mainly because neither Marilyn nor I felt like doing ANYTHING, to be honest...

We did watch US Open tennis, though...

And chat with sister Sue on the phone...

Talked to Donn about work (!!!)...

And lie around, watching TV...

And play on our iPads. (Right now we're trying out SimCity for ios. Not sure what I think. I'm seriously NOT READY to spend any $$$ buying things for ANY game, period! You can honestly pay $99 to upgrade this game! Are you kidding me??????? Not happening! How desperate would any company be to try and get that kind of money from users???!!!) Don't worry. We're not doing it.

Still sick, but some better, anyway...

I did clean out a drawer in the kitchen for our K-pod storage (go me!). That's a big deal, believe it or not.

And I unpacked our NEW Mr. Coffee coffee pot and set it up... ran the cleaning cycle and then made our first pot of coffee!!! (woo hoo)

And that's about it.

We couldn't get ourselves to go shopping, but we really need to! And we need manicures in the the worst way. (sigh)
Tags: 2016, cleaning, coffee-pot, donn, ipads, k-pods, keurig, kitchen, lazy, manicures, marilyn, mr-coffee, organized, september-2016, shopping, sick, simcity, sister-sue, storage, tv, us-open, vacation, work

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