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Sex, Anyone?

I was delighted with Evamaria's shirasade entry regarding sex...

It garnered a lot of comments. Many worthy of full-out discussion somewhere. (Especially somewhere that isn't locked.)

I was especially interested by what her male friends had to say! The men I've been blessed to know online often have quite a lot to say about how women write slash sex, for example.

Anyway, I'd love to see more frank comments about sex. Sex is healthy, normal, wonderful and loving. (And can be naughty, outrageous and just plain hot.) So why not talk about it?

I remember when the guys were first talking about starting up a discussion list about slash. They wanted to have a place where both men and women could rant about bad slash practices -- and share info for the creation of better slash. It's a shame that list never caught on better!

Well, off to work on more garbage and recycling. This is week two -- no pick-up last week because of the storm... (sigh) -- so we've got a ton of it. (ugh)

And (naturally) it's pouring down rain outside! (Dad and I used to always have this joke that it would rain on Wednesdays, seeing as that was both his and my garbage day/night. Yes, I miss that, Dad...)

And, yes, we still have snow and ice outside. Hopefully this rain will scour out the last of it!

(Guess what? I'm finally starting to work on one of our three websites! About time!)

Tags: 2004, evamaria, freezing-rain, january-2004, sex, snow

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