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SICK. (Yes, again.) Dinner Two Nights in a Row.

First, I got a BAD sore throat again last night and today there's no doubt -- I've got some bug. It's pretty hard to believe I could be sick yet again. (sigh) But my immune system is pretty shot right now, without a doubt. I tire easily and get into a sweat from the smallest exertion (like carrying that exercise machine and doing the garbage and recycling last night). Oh well. I just hope it doesn't last that long.

And I'm really hopeful I won't get laryngitis again.

This will be a short entry, because I'm forcing myself to sit up to the computer.

Wednesday night late I had made popcorn and Marilyn and I were watching the very end of the James Bond movie "Casino Royale," then she put on "Skyfall." But she fell asleep almost immediately on the family room sofa. I got myself a beer and noshed on my popcorn and watched the entire film. I love that movie! Marilyn woke at one point and asked me why I was up! Hahaha. I told her I was watching the movie she'd turned on and she agreed that made sense, right before she went back to sleep again. (smile)

Thursday, September 1: We did very little during the day. The usual watching TV -- especially the US Open. And playing with our iPads.

I was proud that I tidied up out under the tree by the garage where I feed the crows and other critters. I pulled away all the various dishes and the trays and used a metal rake to smooth out the dirt there (it gets messed up by the dishes). Then I scrubbed out the various water dishes and filled all of them. I put out old food in the 'food' dishes, too, and a lot of seed and old bread and so on. I was pleased to get that area all nice and neat, anyway...

And Marilyn and I did go to dinner with our friends (and neighbors) June and Jim, having Mexican food. Very nice! (We got to see Fernando, whom we hadn't seen in ages -- that was also nice.)

Finally, I got the garbage and recycling done. It was comfortable outside (we had some rain, but it wasn't raining while I was out there). But I did get into a sweat...

Friday, September 2: I woke up feverish and SICK. My sore throat was much worse and I just felt lousy. I spent most of the day lying around.

In the late afternoon, Jeff came by and he and Marilyn went for a walk in the park. I was trying to sleep, but both cats were driving me nuts. Finally I got up and put on some clothes.

When they got back I suggested we go to dinner and have (surprise!) Chinese, so that's exactly what we did. We all had Coors Light with our food.

Sister Sue is at her cribbage tournament this weekend -- her friend Larry is the host.

I'm re-reading a book from years back by Taylor Caldwell, "Testimony of Two Men." I think I want to discuss this at length later on when I've read more. Especially what I think of Taylor's writing. She was always one of my favorite authors growing up. I'm reading it on my Kindle, by the way -- though I'm sure I have it in paperback from back in the day...

I used to get a lot of my paperback books at Cameron's Books downtown on Third Avenue. That's a story I need to share in detail sometime. (grin)

Well, that's it for now! More soon (hopefully).

Sleep well and STAY HEALTHY, friends!!!
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