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Quiet Day at Home -- Wednesday of Vacation

It's the LAST day of August! Wow, it's hard to believe!!!

I started out my day getting up REALLY LATE (!!!). I was having a serious bout of insomnia last night, and just couldn't sleep. So what the heck! I slept late...

But when I did get up, I called June and then quickly got dressed so I could go over and get the Gazelle Edge Machine that June and Jim gave us (Marilyn) to use. They were getting something new today, so they needed it to go before then.

Jim tied it up to make carrying easier, and he mostly carried it here. I had him leave it in the living room, then I carried it downstairs to the corner I'd cleared for it yesterday.

It used to be I could lift something like this easily, but since my illness this summer, I've been very puny! Anyway, I was able to do it, even if I didn't do it as well as I would have in the past. I think my strength is SLOWLY starting to come back. But very slowly. (sigh)

The rest of the day was quiet. We watched US Open tennis. We played on our iPads. We played Zuma on our desktop computers. We watched some other random TV. And I had a long nap in the evening.

We'd considered going to dinner with Sue, June and Jim, but June was expecting her son Jim Jim and didn't know when he'd be there. It turns out she phoned while I was sleeping and they were ready to go! Anyway, it looks like all of us will go out for dinner tomorrow night...

The choice is Mexican, as everybody but me is tired of Chinese. I'm fine with that, even if I don't end up eating. It's about the COMPANY, anyway, so that's what really matters! And we have great fun together! I can always have a margarita, anyway. (grin)

I just made popcorn and Marilyn and I are going to watch a movie or something while we nosh. Sounds GREAT to me!

And that was our lazy Wednesday during vacation!

Of course, Marilyn DID do half an hour on the new glider!!! Good for her. I considered bringing the machine downstairs my exercise for the day. Hahaha!

Oh! And I guess my friend Shari called while I was asleep (on my cell, rather than the house phone). So I'll need to call her back tomorrow...

Sleep well, dear friends!
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