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At the Festival Office -- Tomorrow's Trip to Mt. St. Helens!

Marilyn and I were actually out and about by 9:30 this morning, heading to McDonald's to get sausage biscuits (which we love). No, not all McDonald's breakfast items are sold all day long, including these...

We also had Starbucks (woo hoo)!!!

We took a short drive and went to a 'barn sale' that we'd gone to years back. They didn't have a thing we wanted, I'm afraid (and their prices were way too high on what they did have). It was something different, anyway!

Then we drove directly downtown to the festival office so Marilyn could work for several hours. She had thought about doing it yesterday, but decided to wait until today. She didn't REALLY feel like she was officially on vacation until after she got done.

We really don't mind working in the office on weekends, by the way. We're very used to it. Not that I worked today! I didn't have my external hard drive with me, so I just messed around on my iPad while Marilyn worked (very hard!)...

Then we headed home again and stayed there the rest of the day. (grin)

We just had popcorn a short time ago. And we ate some rice before that (I'm forever craving rice these days).

We've also both washed our hair in preparation for tomorrow. (And both still need to dry our hair before bed.)

Tomorrow we're heading to Mount St. Helens and the Ape Caves (which Marilyn and Jeff plan to hike). Marilyn and I have been there before, of course, which is where she got the idea for them to hike there.

I read the following online (which I just emailed to both Marilyn and Jeff): SUGGESTIONS: Bring clothing layers: it's 42' inside the lava tube. Wear rugged outer clothing, such as jeans, if you are going to crawl. Bring one headlamp and a spare flashlight per person -- it is also advisable to rent a lantern at the Ape's Headquarters ($5). Their lanterns have a wire mesh that protects the mantles, rather than glass, which could shatter in the cave. Wear protective gloves if you're doing the Upper Cave. Note that camera lenses will fog over as you approach exits and vents. It takes about four hours to fully explore the entire lava tube.

I'm going to stay above ground and entertain myself with my Kindle and iPad. I'm just not up for hiking still. (sigh)

And we're (finally!) giving Jeff his hiking stick that is his belated birthday gift!

We haven't driven up to Mount St. Helens in some time. In fact, I just found the entry where I talk about the Ape Cave (HERE). That blog entry is dated September 6, 2012 (!!!). Four years back! Good grief. Time flies when you're having fun! Hahaha.

Can't wait for the drive, which is lovely. And to see Jeff and spend time with him. We three have good times together.

More tomorrow! Sleep well, all.
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