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Another Hot Day -- Catching Up Thursday and Friday

Thursday, August 25: In the morning I FINALLY spent time working on the setup for our COMPANY account for the festival at LinkedIn. Jeff had mentioned wanting to do that weeks back... It's a long story, but originally I didn't have all the info I needed to set it up. Then I needed to reason out how to fix the setup. Anyway, I did it. And I made the following people admins there: Marilyn, Carol, Jeff and Christine. I think that actually Christine and I will end up in charge of the account (like doing the website).

Sister Sue and I got our hair done at Bahama Mamas. The appointment was for 12:15 (my cut) and 12:30 (Sue's color and cut). But we got there early and they were ready for us almost immediately.

I was seeing a new hair dresser, Kelsey, who is quite young (she graduated from Roosevelt in 2011) -- I haven't had a young hair dresser in ages. I really, really liked her! (My usual hair dresser, Kathy, was on vacation.)

Sue was seeing Merrilee, who we've both known for ages. She was at our old shop, too.

The exciting thing was Sue's hair. She REALLY needed the coloring, which turned out lovely. But she tried a new cut that is so cute and young! Unless she changes her mind, she doesn't need to perm now. I think it really suits her well and should be easy to keep up.

After that we went to lunch at The Fishwife Seafood Restaurant in St. Johns. Yummy food!

It was a VERY HOT DAY and Sue has no AC in her car. The heat has really been bothering me this summer (because of my illness, I guess). I felt pretty beat after we finally got home...

And THANKFULLY Sue had remembered to bring me back my vest, which I'd stupidly forgotten at her house the day before. (My KINDLE was in the pocket!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, August 26: I felt a little crummy last night, like I was fighting a cold (!!!). So even though I'd been planning to go to the office, I stayed home.

I (finally) renewed our website today! I don't know if I mentioned it before or not, but the credit cards for the festival were compromised somehow (??? !!!) -- and they had to issue a new one for Marilyn! We charge this domain on the festival, as that's the main thing we do there (the How To site for staff). I'm glad to have that taken care of, anyway...

I did take out the garbage I hadn't finished the day before. And I did a load of dishes, too. But pretty much I just took it easy all day.

I had taken BLUE in the morning, and it made me drowsy. Later in the day I took more (it's every four hours), and it really knocked me out! I slept through the phone -- and Marilyn had tried to call me many times over several hours. I never heard it!!!

I feel bad I worried her!!!

She didn't get home from work until nearly 9:00 p.m. I must have slept for at least five hours straight. Yikes!

I browned hamburger and added spaghetti sauce and ate that for dinner. Marilyn wasn't very hungry (she had actually eaten during the day -- but not that much). I didn't think she'd want the actual pasta (she often avoids it), so I'd planned that we would eat it in bowls or as bun sandwiches (that's what I did). She tried dipping the bun in some of it. (Not sure if she liked it or not, actually...)

Tomorrow I can add more sauce (it's very meat-heavy right now), and make the pasta (if Marilyn feels like it).

She's sound asleep downstairs in the family room (on the sofa). I'm going to blog, then head to bed...

This was another VERY HOT DAY. I went out in the sun for a few minutes at one point, but it was too hot to stay out for long. But I've been worried that I'm not getting enough sun, so I did want to go out.

I've been reading the book "Sword at Sunset," on my Kindle. The book is a best-selling 1963 novel by author Rosemary Sutcliff. I really love her writing. (Her official website is HERE.) The quality of the writing is SO GOOD.

While Marilyn and I were at the beach I grabbed several books there and brought them home, including "The Captains and the Kings," and "Once an Eagle." Both novels are favorites. CATK (as we always called the first one) was written by Taylor Caldwell in 1972. OAE was written by Anton Myrer in 1968. I've read a TON of Taylor Caldwell's books, but the only other novel I've read by Anton Myrer is "The Last Convertible."

I did pick up "The Captains and the Kings" today and just read several pages inside the book randomly. I'm looking forward to rereading it. You can't (!!!) get it on Kindle, I'm afraid! Honestly, I really hate it when a book isn't available on Kindle... "Once an Eagle" actually IS available on Kindle (I was surprised to discover that!), but it costs $12.99 (seriously???). I'll have to think over getting it...

Still having a TON of issues with my email at work (which is my PRIMARY email, period!!!). What a huge pain. I hope I get it all figured out one of these days...

Oh! Donn didn't end up having his surgery after all. He had a cut on his hand, so they couldn't do it (they were worried about a bone infection if they did). He has to wait at least three weeks now for the cut to heal before they can try again.

Well, that's it for today (and yesterday!). Sweet dreams, all!
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