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Quick Dash to the Beach House -- PLUS: Red Letter Day with Sister Sue!

This was a RED LETTER day, to me! Sister Sue has her car back -- and after her show (Young and the Restless, on from 11:00 to noon) she came over so we could go to Freddies. I wanted to pick up some more Muscle Milk -- and for the two of us to have Starbucks together!

We had a nice time. We sat there and chatted while drinking our coffee for some time.

Other things I got done today:

I called Recology in Seaside about our garbage for the beach house. The woman said the can had been EMPTY when they went by in both July and August. I didn't want to call anyone a liar, but Ralph (our amazing handyman at the beach) had TOLD US there was garbage in the can. And he certainly wouldn't lie about it! I told the woman I'd check with Ralph again and get back to her. When I told Marilyn about it, she decided we'd drive to the beach house after she got home from work to check for ourselves.

I took out all the garbage in the house today (always a good thing).

I called the vet to get Harry's meds refilled. And I set up for text messages, so I got word via text when this was done. Hopefully Sue and I can pick them up tomorrow.

Sue and I made plans to go to COSTCO tomorrow morning. After that we're going over to her house so I can check some settings on her computer (and see if I can fix them).

I sprayed the floor of the garage and the can. We got some special spray to deal with odors. It seemed to work great.

I set up hair appointments for Sue and me for Thursday. Cut for me, and cut and color for her. Kathy (my hairdresser) is on vacation, so I'll see someone new. Sue will see Merrilee. I'm seeing Kelsey, who is also a Roosevelt graduate... (At one point it looked like we wouldn't be able to get in before September.)

I was worried about our cable in the office, but fortunately it was working today (not at all last night!), so I didn't have to phone Comcast today.

Adeena phoned in the afternoon and we spoke briefly, before Marilyn phoned me.

June called and has an exercise machine she's offering to Marilyn, who very much wants it! I'll need to do some rearranging to make room for it in the family room...

Can't think what else I'm missing!

As soon as Marilyn got home from work we headed down to Seaside, Oregon. We stopped on the way to see the ocean! Lovely.

We also got McDonald's on the way. We ate the fries while driving, then ate when we got to the house.

As for the garbage, I opened both cans and they have loads of stuff inside! So both Marilyn and I took photos so I can send them to Recology. Obviously I'll be calling them again tomorrow!

We didn't stay long, but I did grab some books that were there that I wanted in Portland. And left off stuff we were taking down to the beach house.

The drive home was fun. We listened to Monkee songs and sang along!!!

Home just past 10:00. What a nice drive!

Marilyn has a very busy week in front of her (and today was a hard -- and early -- day for her, as well). She has nominating tomorrow night. And a massage Thursday night.

OUR MOVIE ARRIVED TODAY! We're both very pleased!!!

I guess that's it for today!
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