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A Trip to Wildlife Safari with Sister Sue and Adeena!

We went to Wildlife Safari today in Winston, Oregon -- and had a really WONDERFUL time!

Both sister Sue and Adeena came to our house around 7:30 a.m. and we left by around 7:45. We got home today just a bit past 12 hours later (around 8:00).

Happy aside: Sue has her car back! Her daughter Candy has been driving it for most of this year, but recently got a car (with help from her dad and his wife -- as well as financial help from Sue). Anyway, it's been hard with Sue not having a car, so this is exciting news! She and I are looking forward to spending a lot more time together again! (woo hoo) And hopefully Candy will really enjoy her 'new' (used) car, as well. (We hope she got a good car that will be exactly what she needs.)

We had a fun time on the drive, chatting and laughing! And it was fortunately cooler today (in the 80's). We stopped for McDonald's on the way.

When we got to Wildlife Safari, we went in and walked over to where the Australian area is inside the park. We wanted to see aviary again (we had so much fun there last year!). You go inside and it's full of various birds. You buy small sticks that have seeds glued to one end that you can feed to the birds. The birds fly around and land on you to eat from the sticks. So cute!

After that we went for a ride on the train! It wasn't in operation last year, so we were pretty excited about it. (And we get train rides for free as members.) That was also nice as you can see a lot of things from the train, so Sue didn't have to try and walk to all those various exhibits.

After that we headed back to the car so we could drive through and see all the animals. Again, we're members, so we can drive through as many times as we want free of charge for the two of us and two guests.

This was Adeena's first time ever visiting, and we had a very good day for it! We didn't get to see the rhinos or hippos, but we saw everything else! The brown bears were quite active (which is sometimes not true).

And in one part of the park you can buy food and feed it to the deer and large birds, so we did that. (Adeena declined so she could act as photographer and take pictures of the rest of us doing the feeding.) What fun that was! Something totally new and just hysterically fun.

After we were done we hit the road again and went to the Heaven on Earth Restaurant in Azalea, Oregon. We had stopped there (Marilyn, Adeena, Nancy and me) on our way back from the Rosie Rally trip last year. So we decided to head there to eat and have yummy dessert! Sue had never been before, and it was a big hit. Very good homemade-style food (a huge menu of items!!!), and wonderful desserts. We all brought food back with us.

It's a long drive and I was uncomfortable on the way back. And Marilyn was pretty exhausted from all the driving.

But what FUN we four had! It's always a delightful trip.

We got home and Sue and Adeena departed. Then Marilyn and I watched American Ninja Warrior (which we love!).

Marilyn has an EARLY MORNING MEETING (auction) first thing tomorrow, poor thing! She kept falling asleep sitting up and is snoozing right now on the sofa in the family room.

Time for bed, I think! Goodnight!
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