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Saturday and Sunday -- the Olympics End!

Saturday, August 20: Just a mention: Today is Mitch's birthday. He died in 2012, but Marilyn and I think of him often...

Marilyn and I went to the Portland Reptile Expo today. For the record, it was a VERY HOT DAY, continuing our recent heat wave. As I've mentioned, we've never been before, but had seen signs for it for several years. So we were excited to finally attend. But what hadn't occurred to us was how HOT it would be inside the building! They had heat lamps everywhere to keep the reptiles -- especially all the snakes -- warm! Not a perfect day for being in a very hot building, needless to say. Hahaha.

We had a very good time and saw many, many snakes, lots of lizards, some turtles and spiders (!!!), too. One booth was just bins full of live mice -- which they were selling as snake food! Yikes! Hahaha. There were small and very large snakes (and everything in between). Some really beautiful snakes.

And there was every kind of product to help people take care of their critters. Tongs, cages, aquariums, stuff for them to lie in, lamps and on an on.

We stayed as long as we could stand the heat, and saw pretty much everything there was to see (and there was a great deal). The place was PACKED with people! We figure whoever organized did pretty well. They got fees from the vendors for booth space, plus $10 a head for attendees, so they must have cleaned up.

Then we had a lovely dinner with our friends June and Jim, going out for Chinese food. We always enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot. (LiveJournal is finding the 'other's' here as incorrect -- but LJ is wrong! Just saying.)

Last night we went shopping at Walmart (I needed a ton of my supplements). Marilyn was very patient, considering how long it took!

Sunday, August 21: We had a pretty quiet day today. Watching a lot of the Olympics, of course.

I did do my pills (now that I have all my supplements!) today for a week. It takes ages, so I often only due it for a few days at a time...

Marilyn and I did end up going to Freddies where I got some of the things we couldn't get at Walmart last night. Our bottled water never seems to be available at Walmart anymore! We use Dasani (Coke brand). Fortunately they had it at Fred Meyer.

Then we got some food from McDonald's and headed home to watch the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics. I was crying. I'm really sad to see it end! Both Marilyn and I are. It seems to get over way too soon...

We're both washing our hair tonight. Then heading to bed. We're planning to leave the house at 8:00 in the morning -- and Adeena and Sue are due here around 7:30. So we need to get up early to get ready for our trip.

We're off to Wildlife Safari! Can't wait!

Sleep well, all.
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