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Low Blood Sugar (Yes, Again)

This was basically a quiet day. I was taking it easy to be ready to go to the Reptile Show tomorrow. (smile)

But I had a hard time getting a nap. The phone was ringing a lot today. But that's okay.

I talked to sister Sue, and my friends June and Adeena today. Nice conversations in each case.

We're going to dinner this weekend with June and Jim. I can't wait!

And we're going to Wildlife Safari on Monday with Sue and Adeena.

Marilyn and Jeff had a very stressful meeting today that didn't go at all well, I'm sorry to say. Not everyone in Portland supports the festival, for whatever reason. Sometimes it's difficult to understand the motivation of people out to hurt a non-profit organization that serves the community. Oh well.

Unfortunately I had low blood sugar again today. (sigh) Frankly, I didn't feel that well today, but it's okay. Oh well. I wasn't hungry after having yogurt and Muscle Milk for breakfast, which is why I suppose I had low blood sugar in the afternoon.

I don't think I've mentioned that I'm in the middle of another ANT WAR. This time I'm treating it differently, though. Downstairs they've gone into an 'extra' bowl of food I had out for the cats -- but aren't bothering the main tray (less than a foot away!) where the cats eat. I call it 'ant diversion' -- and it works just fine. So I'm not going crazy trying to kill them right now. I just let them eat there, where it's not really bothering us.

Upstairs I noticed a few 'scouts' in the living room, so I put some food on the floor near to the area by the front door. There are TONS of them -- but they aren't bothering the tray of cat food way over on the other side of the room! Again, 'ant diversion' is working just fine...

As for other bugs, I had to kill TWO HUGE SPIDERS in the house today!!! (ugh) Sue was telling me they weren't dealing with ants, but they also have a ton of spiders. Of course, they believe in catch and release -- because Nicole doesn't want to kill them. I always tease Sue and say they just turn them outside so they can come back in again. Hahaha.

I made refried beans and deviled eggs for dinner. Yummy and easy.

Our heat wave was crazy hot today! I had heard we hit 100', but looking online I only say (only???) 99'.

Well, heading downstairs to see what Marilyn is up to!

Goodnight! Sleep well.
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