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Hot Day, Busy Day -- PLUS: Watched the Movie "God is Not Dead 2"

Trying to get back into the swing of things -- SLOWLY but SURELY. Hahaha. The goal is to get back to my (so-called) normal life again.

I decided to do some cleaning in the garage this morning. I wanted to do it early enough that the garage wouldn't be ridiculously hot, considering we're in a heat wave here. Hahaha. And I wasn't doing a lot, but I had a goal in mind. We have two 'shelf units' that somebody made out of old kitchen cabinets before we ever moved in. I took the doors off right after we moved in, so all you see is two open shelves, one on either side of the garage door. I completely emptied both, swept and wiped them out and then put things away again. (I also threw out an entire bag of stuff and boxed up other stuff for the Goodwill.

Then I moved all the containers of stuff on top of the two surfaces just outside the door into the house. I put everything out on the floor and went through it and organized it. (Well, first round. I need to do another more precise round.) The goal here was to make some space on top where there was nothing.

The other day I put my Starbucks coffee on the very corner -- the only empty space. I knew I shouldn't do it, as it's not really safe there. Marilyn bumped it with her purse entering the house -- but it was actually MY fault it was spilled. And with milk inside, you have to worry about getting odor! So I did clean it up immediately -- and decided I wanted to make space to sit down a drink (or whatever) without worrying about it in the future. Task accomplished!!!

I also bagged up all of Marilyn's cans and bottles to go to BottleDrop. They're out in the garage and ready to go! We've got some boxes for the Goodwill, too. And we've had shredding boxes out there for ages. Marilyn said we're going to finally get that done, too.

The garage is NEVER going to be perfect. I don't even care if it is. Marilyn gave me my MAIN guideline when we moved into the house: The garage is the house for the CAR. There must always be room to comfortably park the car and get in and out of it. I've always stuck by that, too.

But we store a TON of stuff out there! Our Christmas tree. Cleaning products. Brown paper sacks. Bottled water for us and the cats. Kitty litter for cleaning their boxes. Tools. Our ladder. And on and on. And I know where almost everything is, by the way. It's not that hard for me to find whatever we need...

What else did I do today? I washed my hair (why is that such a big deal?) -- hahaha. It's not as bad as coloring my hair, but there are days I really have to rag myself to get in and do it. And I loaded the dishwasher and did dishes and picked up in the kitchen.

I also gathered ALL the garbage and recycling in the house and took it out! It was pretty hot by then, so I was sweating up a storm by the time I got done. And while I was outside I put out food for the critters (my crows and the other birds and animals that come around). And LOTS OF WATER! When it's this hot they really suffer if we don't water them.

I also did my pills (that's an annoying task that takes ages, setting up all my damn pills!).

Yeah, I did a few work-related tasks, too. No big deal...

When Marilyn came home we drove out and got takeout so we wouldn't have to cook. That was very nice of her!

When we got back home there were around 14 plus crows in the yard, eating and drinking! My friend June reminded me about the hummingbirds, so tomorrow I'm going to finally clean their feeder and fill it again. I've been very bad about that lately...

Oh! That reminds me! I also watered my house plants today.

Anyway, it felt good to DO some things again! I was really feeling happy and productive.

Tonight Marilyn and I got "God's Not Dead 2," from On Demand. She's wanted to see it since her birthday back in April, so I'm glad we finally did. (I made homemade popcorn as a treat.)

It got bad reviews, but we both REALLY, REALLY liked it. In fact, it made both of us emotional to watch. We're huge Jesse Metcalfe fans, and I thought Melissa Joan Hart was wonderful in the lead role. By the way, Pat Boone was wonderful in his role -- and his singing voice is still good, too! If you're not a Christian, I can't say if you'd like this faith-based movie. But we did...

Marilyn and I were just talking (she was playing Zuma while I blogged) and agreeing that we're going to miss the Olympics when they're over. We have them on all the time, even when we're not paying close attention. (I had them on all day long today.) It's really delightful to see all those people from all those various sports and all those countries. Anyway, we both love it.

I need to phone June and Jim about maybe going to dinner this weekend. I'm DYING to have Chinese food again, and Marilyn suggested we four go...

Keeping my spirits up -- I felt much better today about things. Marilyn is always so good at talking me through this stuff. I was a bit down yesterday, but was very happy today. Life goes on, no matter what. And I like to remain a happy person. Life is so much better that way... (grin)

Off to bed soon!

Tomorrow is supposed to be EXTREMELY hot. I think I'll be pretty careful about anything I do...

Sleep well and be happy, friends!
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