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Update: Saturday AND Sunday -- Catching Up

Saturday (August 13): We did sleep in, after being awake the night before until past 6:00 a.m. No surprise, huh? Hahaha.

And we spent some time just lying around after getting up, too. Marilyn planned for us to leave the house at 4:00 p.m. so we could arrive at Spirit Mountain Casino in time to eat before attending the 7:30 concert.

We both packed and got dressed and ready -- and got the house ready to leave the cats safely behind. Fresh water in two places, plus loads and loads of food out for them to eat. I also propped open Marilyn's bathroom door, so Colin couldn't accidentally lock himself in there.

We got off on time. It was a nice drive, though we always seem to get just a tiny bit confused in Salem while on our way. But that didn't even take ten minutes out of our drive time. We got there and got our room and then headed out to find some food. We were both hungry as we hadn't really eaten all day.

But there were crowds of people and HUGE lines everywhere! We finally settled for the snack bar and hamburgers (I also got some cottage cheese). There was supposedly a 40 minute wait for french fries (!!!), so we decided to skip that. We took our food and beverages and went back to the room to eat. We had already picked up our tickets at Will Call, so we headed over and got drinks at the bar, then went inside. The venue was sold out and PACKED WITH PEOPLE. Interesting demographics, with a LOT of people our age or older! There were some younger people, but not many!

The crowd was in a party mood. Loud and appreciative of the performers. Huey is an impressive entertainer with loads of hit numbers. He also did two new numbers that were quite good, as well. We had good seats and were next to a couple of friendly women (from the tribe). It was a good concert, and I only spaced out for a few numbers. (I didn't actually sleep, but I did shut my eyes and lean forward.)

We left right before the concert ended (to beat the big crowd). We went back to the snack bar and got french fries and a couple other things, plus some coffee, before returning to our room. Then we ordered the movie "Love & Friendship," a 2016 Jane Austen period comedy. I'd like to see it again sometime, as the TV screen seemed small compared to home, so it wasn't that easy to see from our beds. I did laugh out loud several times, but Marilyn slept through a lot of it. Little wonder she was worn out after all the driving for both Friday and Saturday!

The really ANNOYING and ODD thing: There was not only NO WiFi there, but there was NO CELL COVERAGE, either! So our iPads and cell phones didn't work! We got some text messages but couldn't really answer them, and I'm sure no one could call us, as we couldn't even keep one bar on either phone! As we both hate to be unplugged, this was very annoying, obviously. I can see why it doesn't matter to them, however. They are a casino, and they want people focused on gambling.

We didn't do ANY gambling and didn't even consider it. I'm not saying that Marilyn and I never gamble, but we haven't done it in several years now. In fact, I can't think of a time we have since buying the beach house. We just don't have the cash to spend on it. Walking past the casino areas I felt no desire to be there on the machines or at the tables, which was fine.

We had a non-smoking room. And I don't remember seeing people actually smoking indoors. But there was a constant underlying smell of cigarette smoke that we found unpleasant. We're both very strong non-smokers. We also had a hard time getting the right temperature in our room. It was a very hot day, so it was little wonder. Much of the time we had it way too cold! Marilyn found that very unpleasant.

My ongoing problem has been running fevers all the time. I seem to constantly be too damn warm, and want it to be cool so I can be comfortable. Poor Marilyn! She was actually chilled at one point. But we just kept changing the settings and got by okay, for the most part.

Marilyn was bothered by a bug bite on her leg, and I only had alcohol swabs to treat it with. She actually had a fever in the night (and nightmares) and I think it was due to the bite. She has always been very sensitive to bug bites (since childhood). No idea if she got it on the golf course, at Stonehenge or in the house (we've had a lot of spiders). But she needs to always spray when outside...

Sunday (August 14): We were up at a fairly early hour and packing by 8:00 to head back home. With no way to go online, we didn't know when the Olympic tennis matches would be happening, and we didn't want to miss them. So we were on the road by 9:00 a.m.

Jocelyn kindly comped our concert tickets and the room, so it was a very reasonable trip, financially speaking. We'd been ready to pay for our tickets and hotel, of course. Spirit Mountain Casino is one of our most important festival sponsors, and Jocelyn is a lovely representative and friend who we like and think highly of.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the drive home was lovely. We only got messed up when we reached Portland, as Bridge Pedal was today! Normally we don't go anywhere near downtown on Bridge Pedal day, as it's quite a mess for drivers! Marilyn figured it out nicely and we probably only added half an hour to the drive, thankfully. Plus that's the first time we've ever seen even part of it, so that was cool.

We got home and unpacked and immediately settled in to watch the tennis.

The cats were pretty unhappy with us, and kept letting us know in several ways. Poor guys. They don't like being alone overnight.

I didn't last long. Because of the pretty constant pain, I don't sleep that well. And because of the illness, I'm also constantly exhausted. So I went down for a nap fairly soon and slept hard! But I did wake up to see much of the Gold Medal match between Andy Murray and Juan Martin Del Potro (I was pulling for Andy, but Del Potro is a good guy, too -- and a really good player!). There was a lot of LIVE tennis on, anyway, so we watched a bunch in between sleeping and lying around...

I answered and sent a couple of emails, and I think we missed some calls while sleeping (but nobody left messages, so who knows -- it might have been spam calls).

Later we went out to get Starbucks and took a short drive (we had wanted to go to a farm on Sauvie Island, but were too late for that). We picked up some deli Chinese on the way home and had that for dinner, so we didn't need to cook...

The whole day has been sleeping and resting, basically. And watching the Olympics on TV.

This evening I made homemade popcorn and we actually watched a movie, "London Has Fallen." Yeah, it was pretty bad, just as the reviews said. Hahaha. Marilyn slept during part of it and I was nodding off, too. (I still keep falling asleep sitting up all the damn time. Oh well.)

It's well past midnight, so I guess we'll head to bed soon. I just needed to blog and put more bottled water in the fridge. We're both drinking a lot of water right now. Regardless, I'm still dehydrated! Not sure how that can be true, but I guess I need to force myself to drink more.

We have some errands tomorrow. But hopefully we'll get some more rest, too.

That bite seems worse tonight. I put different medicine on it, but wonder if Marilyn will need to see a doctor. I've had bad bites in the past, and sometimes you need to see a doctor...

I really need to set up my eye doctor appointment soon. (I'm nearly out of contacts.) And if I don't hear from my doctor, then I'll need to get an appointment to see her...

Today was Donn's birthday. I need to try and take him to coffee or lunch or something.

Night, all!
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