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Day in Bed -- Going to the Perseids Meteor Showers with Marilyn and Adeena!

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I was VERY SICK yesterday (especially last night). I spent an hour lying on the floor because I was too dizzy to get up.

Anyway, I agreed with Marilyn that I would spend Friday resting and sleeping, so I'd be ready to go to the Perseids Meteor Showers (at the Stonehenge memorial in Washington state).

I had a lovely chat with sister Sue this morning. We try to talk every day to make up for not getting to see each other very often. (Marilyn is taking her for a blood test next Monday.)

Marilyn and Adeena were both up early to go to the festival's golf tournament today. Adeena was helping out taking photos, and Marilyn was there to greet and to give a speech. Marilyn didn't get home from the event until around 3:00 p.m. (or later -- I don't remember the exact time). She was starving, as she doesn't eat when she has to be out in public right now. I was hungry, too, as I'd eaten very little in the morning and nothing after that (but I did have tea).

The pain in my side was pretty bad today. I don't know what it is (spleen or not), but whatever it is, it's a bother. And my psoriasis is really out of control. That spot on my hand bled a couple of times today...

I really didn't do much of anything, except try to figure out what's wrong with my work email (which I use for my primary email account). It has a serious issue, but I didn't really have the energy to address it, so it's not fixed at this point.

I read a tiny bit and saw a tiny bit of TV (not much of either one). Mostly I was lying around and much of the time I was sleeping. I had Colin and Henry by me on and off most of the time...

Marilyn woke me up around 9:00 to get ready. I got dressed and put on my contacts, and finished up my makeup after Adeena arrived (while Marilyn was out get gas for the car).

We took off a bit later than planned (past 10:00), and headed up the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. We stopped and got some french fries on the way and all had our bottled water.

I was trying hard to drink a lot of water today, as I was terribly dehydrated yesterday!!!

We had a nice time talking and laughing all the way there. We stopped at the Pilot truck stop in Biggs Junction (which Marilyn and I LOVE) -- and I got more water (plus some other items). Then we drove across the bridge to Washington state and headed to Stonehenge.

The sky was weird -- very hazy! But there were a lot of people there this year, which hasn't been true in ages!!! And it was quite warm. There wasn't much moon, which is a good thing. We got there just past midnight (the plan was to arrive at midnight -- we were close). The sky was hazy, but you could still see the stars. And it got better over time.

It was nice having others there, as it's less creepy when it's not just us. Marilyn suggested we go inside the monument, so we did -- a great place to sit and watch!

This was our best year EVER for seeing meteors! I saw around 16 (not counting the two Marilyn and I saw driving back home) and Marilyn and Adeena each saw at least 20! And some were really big, and lasted a long time. Amazing and beautiful!

We left there around 2:30-ish and got back around 5:00 a.m. A good time was had by all!

Adeena left for her friend's house and then home shortly after that.

Now Marilyn and I are off to bed to get some sleep before we need to get up and pack for our trip to Spirit Mountain Casino later today (it's now actually Saturday).

Again, not sure WHEN I'll blog for Saturday. Hahaha. (If at all.)

We'll be staying overnight and coming back on Sunday. The boys (our cats Colin and Henry) will be staying alone until our return. (Marilyn decided nobody needed to check on them, so we'll leave out food and water and all will be well, I'm sure. It's just over night, after all...)

Sweet dreams and a pleasant weekend, dear friends!
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