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Not Going to Let This Get Me Down!!!

I let myself sleep in until 8:30 -- which was lovely. Then I got up and got ready for my ultrasound appointment.

Marilyn had her early meeting today, so left early. I never even heard her go out. She came home in plenty of time to get me to Emanuel hospital early for my test.

I got a call from Steven this morning about the laptop cable locking device and asked him to phone Donn. Donn called me so that I was returning his call from the hospital. But after that I was good until afternoon (after I was home again) for work and other computer-related things.

I ended up having a busy day.

No, that's NOT what I had planned. I even thought I might get a nap in the afternoon. But that's how it goes.

Stephanie did my ultrasound and was lovely. She didn't make me undress (!!!) which was a nice surprise. And she heats her gel so that was nice, too. But poking with the wand is painful, however you look at it. She started on my right side, and I knew it would be pretty bad by the time she was doing the left side (where I have the pain).

The awesome moment??? Marilyn took me right out for Starbucks after the test was over!!! She's so wonderful.

We came home and had lunch and Marilyn had a short nap before returning to work. I was falling asleep sitting up. Then I went to look for headshots of Marilyn for her upcoming honor in September. The next thing you know I was dealing with problems with Remoting and with my work email (which I use as my primary email, period).

I was working on festival-related IT stuff and needed to get back to the office. June called and was having computer problems, so I told her I come over for a few minutes to see what I could do. That was at 4:20. I didn't get back home until 6:30, so I missed phoning the office (which closes at 5:00). Oh, well. I'll call them first thing tomorrow morning...

Donn actually solved June's major problem for her. I did do a few things, but nothing all that big... She had a question about text on her iPhone, but SHE showed ME the solution to that one!!! Hahaha. She's better at this stuff than she thinks. But TOO BRAVE sometimes. Being overly brave can get anyone into trouble. I guess I'm more cautious...

Marilyn came home around 7:00-ish, and we immediately went to Freddies Interstate to get her the present I've been waiting to buy for more than a year!!! It's pearl drop earrings (that actually came with a pearl drop necklace). She's wanted those earrings for ages, and just recently found what she liked. I was excited to buy those as her 40th anniversary gift (which was last year, as I said).

Then we shopped for some shorts -- she has to go to the golf tournament tomorrow and give a speech and wanted to get a pair to wear. We found three pair and she got them on sale -- so she can make a choice tomorrow morning.

It's time for the Perseids Meteor Showers, which we like to watch in Washington state, at the Stonehenge memorial. We missed it last year because we were focused on our Rosie trip to California. And the year before that it wasn't great viewing. But it was amazing in 2013! We watched these year after year and really enjoyed it.

We're planning to go tomorrow night with our friend Adeena. Marilyn hopes to get home in the afternoon from work and to nap before we head out. We usually leave around 10:00 and get there around midnight, staying for an hour or so. Then we drive back. One year we were chasing the sun home (and then had to go straight to work!). Then we'll sleep in on Saturday and head to Spirit Mountain Casino in the afternoon for the concert we're attending Saturday night.

We bought McDonald's on our way home from Freddies tonight. We had both eaten and I was going to cook some cabbage. So I got up from my chair and had a major dizzy spell. I was on the floor with my head resting on the hardwood! I had to stay there for ages, I was so dizzy. It took me over an hour to get over the worst of it. I was sick to my stomach and dizzy and miserable. No idea WHY. But I really felt awful.

Tonight is garbage night, so I've gathered it all up and I've taken out the recycling. Aside: June told me that last week I put our composting into June and Jim's RECYCLING bin (instead of the compost bin). I feel pretty bad about that. In the future I won't be putting composting in their bin, as I don't EVER want to make that mistake again. I'm either going to put it into our garbage, or use our own compost bin...

I still need to go do the cat boxes. I'll get it done. While I was gathering the garbage I banged my hand against something in the bedroom and smacked my large patch of psoriasis on my right hand. It split open and started to bleed all over the place. What a mess! And did it hurt. I had one hell of a time getting the bleeding to stop... (sigh)

Anyway, it didn't stop me from continuing to finish up the garbage and recycling. I'm telling you, dizzy or no, bleeding or no, sore from my ultrasound or no -- I CANNOT BE STOPPED. I am not giving in to my damn health conditions. I will carry on!!!

Gosh, Marilyn is waiting on me -- and has to be at work VERY, VERY EARLY tomorrow (the golf tournament!!!). I can't believe I'm taking SO DAMN LONG to blog. Come ON, Charlie! What a freaking day. Good grief.

I'm leaving out things, but I need to go, as it's late. More tomorrow (it will be QUITE LATE TOMORROW NIGHT!).

Stay HEALTHY and happy, friends! And sleep well. I got such good sleep last night!!!
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